How To Make New Year Resolutions Come True

by John Deus


How To Achieve Your New Year Resolutions!?

*I have published this article without any revisions, meaning that it will have many language mistakes, even more than usual! I am sorry for that, I have no time to go through it now and I wanted to publish it before the new year in order to help as many people as possible. I will reedit this when possible.

In this article, I will explain how to make new year resolutions come true. I will share with you everything I did in my previous successful new year resolutions, and I will add the things I have learned throughout the years that will guarantee you successful new year resolutions.

This article will teach you how to stay on track and not give up, how to manage your emotional ups and downs, how to get over barriers and plateaus and how to ensure the smoothest path to achieving your new year resolution.

I will divide this article into two parts,

Part one dealing with the things you need to know and understand in order to achieve your new year resolutions.

Part two will be the step by step breakdown of what you have to do to ensure that you will reach your goals in the shortest time possible.

This will be a long article, I will literally outline every single piece of information I know that contributed to me achieving my past new year resolutions.

Get comfortable, get a paper and a pen and write your notes.

You have to make your new year resolution for 2017 happen, you have NO EXCUSE.

Make New Year Resolutions Come True, First Part.

Thing You Need To Understand.

I have talked briefly on my Instagram about the reason why I love new year resolutions, and the reason is that when you start a new year resolution on the first of January, you won’t have to keep track of how long you have been going because the date of every single day you stay on track will answer that.

Sounds like a small reason, because it is.

That is the first point you have to understand to make your new year resolutions come true.

1- The Little Thing Matter.

Your new year resolution may vary from a small change in your daily routine to a complete life makeover, both of these resolutions are challenging.

These challenges you have willingly decided to add to your life are not accounted for by your basal motivational energy.

Your mental capacity and energy will not handle this added pressure and stress, that is why you will need to consciously make room for those new challenges.

What I am trying to say is that by setting a new goal for your new year resolution, you have added one more new challenge to your daily life.

That daily life most likely already have its own challenges, your body and your motivational energy that gets you throughout the day are barely enough to get you through the daily challenges, they are won’t have the capacity to take this new goal.

Here comes the need for your conscious interference to ensure that you make this new goal as least challenging as possible.

Say your new year resolution is to lose weight and in order to achieve that you will have to add a combination of training and diet.

The training and diet are new challenges you have to continuously provide the energy to overcome, you will not have by default enough sustainable energy to overcome this new challenge along with your old challenges ( from stress at work, insecurities, peer pressure, etc.) that you are used to daily.

That is the top reason people give up on their new year resolutions and their life goals in general, they are oblivious to the fact that you will need a new energetic charge to cover the new challenges you will face by setting a goal.

Probably you will recognize this pattern, at night you will sit down, listen to music and motivational videos, read a couple of articles and then think to yourself that you should do something about your life and change. In that exact moment, you will think to yourself that you have enough energy to do what is necessary to achieve your goal, reaching that goal will seem easy to you at that exact moment.

The problem with this is that you are not taking into account the hardship of daily life, and the instability and unreliability of your own mind to get you where you want to go if it was left unmonitored.

While sitting at night watching the videos and feeling that strong energy, you were sitting comfortably, probably munching on some snacks or have recently eaten and not feeling any bit of hunger, safe in your comfort zone and safe space, away from the bullshit of your colleagues, friends family and everyone else.

That moment, you have the energy needed to achieve a lot of things, but that energy is already taken, that is the energy that gets you through life, that energy is precisely enough just to barely get you through the day.

Which takes us to the next point.

2- You have a limited amount of mental and physical energy per day, use it wisely.make-new-year-resolutions-come-true

This one is more subconscious than it is continuous, you are not aware of the presence of that energy or its limits until it is directly tested.

We all know that we have a limit of physical energy, you can only do a certain amount physical activity per day. When you reach your limit, your body will break and you will have no choice but to rest.

The same applies to your mental energy.

You have a limited amount of mental energy that will get you through the difficulties of everyday life. Your brain can tell itself to “keep going” for a limited amount of times, after that it will just give up.

Not many people are aware of this fact.

But this is what happens when you breakdown or snap out.

When you are under too much stress and you just feel unable to continue, start crying , angrily give up, go eat a whole fridge or whatever, that is your mental energy running out.

You will notice that your mental energy can be trained, some people break faster and more easily than others.

But if you are trying to make new year resolutions come true, you shouldn’t focus on training yourself to have a higher tolerance to mental and physical stress, unless that by itself is your new year resolution.

You can’t focus on having more mental and physical energy at the same time you are focusing on achieving your main goal, which takes us to the next point.

4- Focus on one thing at a time.

This one is very crucial to ensure that you will make your new year resolution come true, and it is another major reason a lot of people give up on their new year resolutions and goals.

Most people when making a list of what they want to achieve on their new year resolutions, they create a list that describes the best self they can ever achieve, which is a good thing to do, I agree with writing that list and breaking down everything you need to change or improve.

But after you do that, you should prioritize that list and start by focusing on one thing, and ONE THING ONLY.

Let us take me as an example, back in 2009 I started working on my new year resolutions. on new years eve I decided to change my life starting with the new year

Back then, I knew I was broke, fat, and lack any social skills.

Now my new year resolution list was a breakdown of what actions I have to take to fix that.

And let me tell you something,

It was one damn long list!

I instinctively knew I couldn’t keep up with all of that, so I did pick one, just one goal out of them, and that goal was losing weight.

I focused almost all of my energy on that goal and left all the other goals to feed on the little energy I had left on my good days.

It was like, I have to take the steps necessary to achieve my weight loss goal first, after I have done my daily list of actions, if I had any energy left, I would do what comes next on the list, and so on.

You might be thinking that this will make it longer for you to achieve your new year resolutions, and you are right, but this is the guaranteed way to achieve your new year resolutions.

It could even be the ONLY way you will achieve your new year resolutions, depending on how big they are and how much stress you can handle.

The main issue with trying to achieve all your new year resolutions together isn’t the difficulty of each single action you will have to take, but the confusion that doing much change will cause you to feel.

Your brain likes what it already known, your brain likes to stay in the area and way of thought that it is most used to, and do not like to change that.

Now working on your new year resolutions will cause you to change what your brain is used to, you will break the pattern that your brain is most adapted to, and this will cause your brain a bit of confusion.

If you tried to change too many things that your brain are used to all at once, that will cause too much confusion to your brain and thus will make you feel anxious, lost, uncomfortable and a host of other feelings.

Those feeling will push you into seeking back what you are used to, and thus breaking and giving up on your goal.

That is most noticeable when you travel or move to a new city, that weird feeling you have when trying to adapt to the new city, and how you miss your hometown and start wondering why you left and wish you could come back to your old home and so on.

That is because of the confusion your brain experience due to the new sights and way of life, not all people experience this, and some might experience it even though they were dying to leave and/or hated their old town.

So you don’t want to go there, you do not want to mess with your brain and awaken your negative emotions.

Which takes us to the next point.

5- Your emotions will always win, do not fuck with them.


When you are experiencing a strong emotion, that emotion will take control of your brain, completely.

All your motivation and discipline will fall apart at that moment, so do not go there.

I know some of you might be thinking that they have a strong willpower and are able to take a hell lot of beating and bending without breaking, so they are able to go against their emotions.

And I am with you, sometimes you can do that.

I had many moments in my life where I looked the beast in the eye and told him to go fuck himself.

I did rebel against my emotions many times in my life, and that taught me one thing.

And that thing is, eventually, I will break.

And I did break.

You see, you can only rebel against your emotions for a while after that you will snap, and you will snap so fucking hard you will even give up on your daily life.

Save that courage and the strong well to times when shit happens unexpectedly, do not swim against the strong current by your own free will, but rather save that energy for when storms come by.

I know that by now you might be thinking of either the Buddhist monks and their stone-hard willpower, or the ever famous “you are stronger than you might think“.

The Buddhist monks, the example of emotional control mastery, the supreme of emotional control.

And not just Buddhist monks, most of the eastern philosophy is based on mastering oneself and controlling his emotions.

You can find a sea of quotes from the eastern philosophy on how “Mastering oneself” is the true power and wisdom, etc.

I am not trying to belittle those guys, they are such an inspiration and I do hope one day I reach that level of self-control.

But I think we tend to close our eyes to one common thing between all these people,  and that thing is,

They mostly sign out of life.

Almost all the pursuers of this kind of mastery spend most of their times in caves meditating, or out with nature.

Some of them deny any sign of comfort and ease of life to keep that track.

There are degrees to how they decide to live their life, but they all take somewhat a similar lifestyle.

And you might think that the reason they sign out of life that way is because they have found something greater to live for than our shallow life, or some variation of that line.

Probably you will not like my answer, but I do not think that this is the case.make-new-year-resolutions-come-true

I think they follow that isolated lifestyle is because they simply can’t have it any other way.

They simply can not maintain that self-control while going through the life we “City Citizens” go through.

I will not talk about this any longer because this is not our main topic, but I just wanted you to understand that even for people who decided to spend their whole life mastering self-control are struggling to get to it, so do not try to “Squeeze” self-mastery in your new year resolutions, save it for later.

To add to the point of pursuing self-mastery, you will also notice that followers of that lifestyle and the eastern philosophy have the slowest and simplest training methods for reaching high levels of self-mastery, and that is because they understand that they are messing with a beast, so they work their way slowly and steadily.

you have to understand that messing with your emotions too much and taking it to the edge has the power to break you, and it has the power to break you for good.

Life by itself has its own package of shitshow that has the power to break you, every one of us is destined to go through a series of very harsh and brutal situations that might cause him to break.

The death of a loved one can break you.

Illness, Heartbreak, financial crisis and many other things that are out of our control yet very probable to happen has the ability to shatter every little ounce of our energy and momentum, so do not exhaust your willpower by putting too much stress unnecessarily on yourself, instead save that energy for your dark days.

So you might be wondering by now that maybe you should work on growing your willpower first and then move to other new year resolutions?

and the answer will take us to the next point.

6- You need a certain level of granted happiness and an actual physical proof for your brain before you can start taking on big goals.

Even with all the techniques that I will share with you later on how to beat around the bushes with your emotion and not go against them directly, along with the techniques on how to ease your way and make your new year resolutions easier to achieve, you are still prone to giving up.

You can’t go so far before your brain force you into going back to your old guilty pleasures, you can only eat broccoli for a little while until your brain makes you get that cheeseburger.

And your brain does that because it simply can’t see the benefit of what you are doing just yet.

You see, most people believe that we only have the will to survive, and all our systems are designed for that single purpose.

On the other hand, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche believed that we have a will to power. Which mistakenly inspired the whole Third Reich and Hitler and caused the shitshow of the WWII.

Anyway, back to the will to power vs. the will to survive.

These ideas are so important because they help us understand our nature.

Are  we only destined to do what we have to do to survive and anything after that, we will be prone to give up on it?

Or are we designed to go for more than our basic needs of survival?

Our evolutionary evidence present a strong case that our will is to survive.

But our behavioral analysis shows a strong case for our will to power.

The way I see it is that we are only looking after our survival, we will do the minimum effort possible to ensure our survival, BUT

We will shift to a will to power when we are presented with an actual evidence of our possibility to achieve that.

To better illustrate my finding. and I called it my finding because I came up with that observation on my own without ever seeing it or reading about it anywhere else. if you know someone who explained the phenomena before please let me know. 

Think of the poor man example, the ever recurring example of someone poor who was happy and comfortable with the little money he had but somehow he stumbled upon some huge amount of cash and suddenly turned into this money chasing greedy animal. That was what happened with him, he wanted to survive because he had no chance to get power, but once that chance present itself, his focus shifted and he started expanding and chasing more resources.

This is not only limited to money, it applies to almost every source of power, but it is easily observed in poor people turning rich and politicians.

So what does this have to do with making new year resolutions come true?

One more reason people give up on their new year resolutions is because of an actual uncontrolled feeling of giving up, it is like you have this monkey in your head that keeps on telling you to just give up and go back to your old comfortable ways.

It is that voice telling you to not go running and go back to sleep, to put the book away and browse 9gag, to get off the treadmill and eat some nice Alfredo pizza.

And that voice won’t stop, it won’t stop until you see with your own eyes the fruits of your hard effort.

When you see that, when you achieve that first hard goal that you have set your mind to, something in you change, something in you shifts, it is like an animal takes over and suddenly you have all the energy in the world to do anything and everything.

It is an AMAZING feeling.

I remember when I lost the first 40KG which was the first goal I had back in my 2009 new year resolutions list.

It is to this day my proudest moment, and it is to this day the hardest thing I have achieved, regardless of the things that were harder and required more effort to achieve after that day, they were like a piece of cake compared to that one.

starting a successful company, piece of cake.

putting 20 kg of pure muscle, piece of cake.

making admirable amounts of money, piece of cake.

getting with over 500 girls with nothing but social skills, piece of cake.

building an international social circle that guaranteed an awesome lifestyle, piece of cake.

losing 40kg with a moderate diet and some little exercise, fucking brutal! the hardest thing ever!

Why is that?

Because after the day I achieved my goal of losing the 40KG I was never the same guy.

The guy who achieved all the goals after my first weight loss goal wasn’t the same guy as the guy who lost those 40KG.

The guy who lost the 40 KG was a guy who hoped to achieve something who dreamed and fantasized on what if’s

But on the first of June 2009 I was no longer the guy who hopes for or dreams of.

At that day I was the guy who can.

That was a strong evidence for my brain that proved that I am able to do things.

That day I showed my brain that I can, and that day my brain shifted to a will to power.

You will notice it, I noticed it while looking in the mirror, the way I looked at myself was different, the way I looked at everything was different.

My behavior changed completely.

Before that day, I was a very frightened from everything, I avoided the things that might bring me hard challenges.

Before that day I was afraid of getting worse or throw unexpected challenges, but after that, I wanted life to through challenges on me.

I wanted to conquer more challenges and go through more difficult situations.

I wanted to see the world bend to my will.

tough situations?

huhhh!  bring it on!

Because at that moment, almost nothing can break me.

Those 6 months it will take you to achieve your goal, they will be the hardest thing you will ever do.

You are walking through hell, and following nothing but a blind faith, a faith that maybe you will be able to do.

You will have all the odds stacked against you, everything will fight your progress, everything will seem to be determined on bringing you down.

And if only you push through these 6 months, if only you give yourself the first strong evidence that you are capable of more than you thought, everything will change.

It might seem like I am over dramatizing the whole matter, I mean losing 40Kg isn’t that difficult, and probably the goal you want to achieve first won’t be that hard either.

But believe, after you achieve it and many other amazing goals, you will look back at it and see how difficult it was compared to all the other things you achieved in your life.

Because on your first goal you will have all the mental thoughts pushing you back, all these voices in your head telling you to give up, telling you it is not achievable.

But after you achieve it, they will be silenced for a long, long time, and only the encouraging thoughts will stay.

You will want to wake up for the morning run, you will want to hit the gym, you will get excited to get through all the steps you have to take to get your closer to your next goal.

And that will make everything that much achievable, no extra motivation wanted.

Which takes us to our next point you have to understand in order to make your new year resolution come true.

7-  Waiting for motivation, waiting until you feel like it, waiting until you find the perfect method, those things will destroy you.make-new-year-resolutions-come-true

That was one of the first thoughts that crossed my mind when I achieved my first new year resolution.

I realized how much of a waste of time these things are, fuck the motivation, and fuck feeling like, and fuck wanting to stay happy all that time and fuck the perfect method, and fuck the secret techniques, fuck all that.

I did it, without all that nonsense, I did without all those fancy things.

I wanted it and I achieved it. period.

And that feeling is very powerful, that raw feeling of achieving something that no one has any credit in, it was you and you alone, against all the odds, without any external help.

That is the strongest evidence for your will to power.

I am not against the products and the videos promising you motivation or the books outlining secrets and techniques orchestrated by some doctor in god knows where that promise you to lose 15kg in 10 minutes without any exercise! – cut off a limb maybe?-

I realize they are mostly bullshit, and by mostly I mean 99% of them are utter bullshit or just retelling common sense.

I am not against those, I am just telling you from the get-go, you do not need them.

You should try, fail, look for what went wrong, fix it, try again, fail again, adapt again, repeat until success.

That is the best way to get most experience and reward out of your struggle.

But the books, private instructors, and videos have their benefits, especially when they are costly.

And not when they are costly because that guarantees good quality, because, news flash, it doesn’t.

It is beneficial to invest in those things because that is an investment made for yourself, and the more you invest in yourself the more you will value yourself.

You sacrificed your own hard-earned cash in order to help yourself achieve your goal, and these sacrifices are very important

Which takes us to our next and last thing you need to understand to make new year resolutions come true.

8- Sacrifices will seal the deal for your, they will get you to your goal.

I remember back when I started my first goal to lose weight, just three days into my diet, I was invited to a wedding with a crazy good open buffet, we are talking unlimited supply of all sorts of food, in the highest quality available, it was an offer that comes once in a blue moon.

And I, with my fat ass that has only been dieting for three days, took my boiled chicken breast and broccoli and ate it there like some weirdo.

Even members of my family who were encouraging me to diet told me that ” Hey it is ok, take today off, it is a special occasion and it will not come around again anytime soon”

And theoretically speaking, that was true, if I took that day off and ate whatever I wanted, it wouldn’t cause me to give up on my diet and goal, I can easily go back to dieting like nothing happened.

But I was so determined, I was so determined not to let circumstances decide my way of life, I take a free meal every 10 days mean I take a free meal every 10 days regardless of what happens.

And that night I went to bed thinking that I might regret not eating that day, I did feel stupid and naive for being that stubborn.

Regardless, I slept with nothing but the planned chicken and broccoli in my stomach.

And days after, I realized that this single decision by itself could be the sole cause I did it, it might be the only reason I did not give up!

I made a sacrifice that day, a huge one, a sacrifice that can only be made once in a blue moon.

I said no to that delicious food, that amazing endless food just for the sake of sticking to my diet.

It was such a huge sacrifice that nothing in my mind could compare to it, after that day, whenever I think of giving up, or cheat on a piece of chocolate just his once, I would stop myself and think

I have rejected and sacrificed all that food, for me to give up for a piece of chocolate, really!

Fuck no, if I wanted to cheat it has to be a meal as glorious as the one I sacrifice, otherwise I will live through two regrets, the regret of giving up on my goal, and the regret of not eating that day, that would have been such a waste if I gave up.

And that pushed me to stick with my diet, and sacrifice after sacrifice, it became so much harder for something to seduce you to cheat, you invested so much in this and now it would be very painful to give up.

And that my friend, the sacrifices you will make along the way, regardless of how hard they seem at the moment, are the things you will look back at and be grateful for what you did.

Those are the things you have to understand in order to make new year resolutions a reality, these are the things you have to know and concede in the depth of you in order to achieve your new year resolutions.

I realize that this method is pretty brutal and hard, I realize that there are easier methods out there that will get you to your goal in a less brutal way.

But I guarantee you that this will work, this will help you achieve your goal, this will give you a push to go beyond that.

After all, we don’t teach people how to be good, we teach them how to be supreme.

And only tough the tough situation have the ability to forge tough people.

All I am asking for is 6 months.

From 01/01/2017

Until 01/06/2017

Suck it up that long and you will be that closer to whatever you dream of achieving.

I am not selling you anything here, there won’t be a link down there to my e-book that will reveal the last 10 step you have to take.

This is not a clickbait.

This a pure message, a pure push to you, the reader on the other side of the screen, a reader that I have never met and probably will never meet.

Get up your ass, go hard, go hard until you make it.

It sucks seeing generations after generations just existing on this earth, we need people to raise, to help themselves first in order to help others.

You have no excuse, none.

How To Make New Year Resolutions Come True

We are at a time where literally everything is possible, and this is not some happy bullshit, this is an actual fact.

You might have no limbs, you might only have a functional brain and nothing else, but I assure you that you can be at a much better place than where you are right now, there is always a room for improvement.

You know it, I know it.

Don’t the best in the world now

Simply be, better than you were.

What I am going to list in the next section on what you have to do to achieve your new year resolutions inst even half as important as the section above.

This is a mind game.

You will always figure out a way, that’s what we humans do best, that’s how we survived so far, but it is the will that is hard to cultivate.

It will be a tough journey, but it is surely worth it.

Now I will talk about what you have to do in order to make your new year resolution a reality, these actions are designed to amplify and cement the above-mentioned points in your head, they are also here to help you stay away from the actions that will fuck up your progress.

The steps to make new year resolutions come true are:

1- Build a time schedule and stick to it.

Time is the thing you have to stay aware of in your day-to-day. How you spend your 24 hours per day will determine whether or not you will achieve your goal in six months. I talked before on using your alarm clock to help you achieve this, go read this article.

In short, just set up exact hours daily and plan a task to do with each alarm.

At 6:00 alarm go for a run.

At 9:00 alarm start working on your business.


This is the first tool in your arsenal that will help you reach your goal, follow your time schedule religiously.


2- Take cold showers daily.

I have also talked about this before, you can read here on the importance of cold showers.

First, consult a doctor to make sure that you do not have a medical condition that prohibits you from safely taking cold showers.

Other than the benefits of cold water on humans, what is so interesting about cold showers in the morning is that you will never really get used to them, you will always have at least a slight discomfort and an urge to heat up the water a bit.

And this is one slight listen you can teach yourself each morning.

By taking the uncomfortable cold shower each morning you are subtly telling your body that you are in charge, you are subtly rebelling against the feeling that urges you to turn up the hot water, and that is one easy and safe way to teach yourself emotional control without too much stress.


3- Eat Healthy.

Even if your new year resolution isn’t to lose weight or get into healthy eating, still do try to eat as healthy as possible.

You will be shocked because of how much influence food has on our willpower and motivation, healthy food will ensure that you will make new year resolutions come true.

It will help you avoid unexplainable crashed due to bad nutrition, so invest in eating healthy, don’t focus on it as a major goal, just keep it in mind.


4- Find what motivates you the most and do it, watch it, listen to it, etc. daily.

I had a file on my computer called “Fitness Motivation”, I used to watch it daily right before I go to the gym.

I know I said you shouldn’t rely on motivation, and I still say that, do not rely on motivation to get you to do the step you have to do today, but rather keep it as a plus.

I used to go to the gym even if that motivational file didn’t do its magic, even if I didn’t feel like it, but once in a blue moon, that file would click with me and give me some extra excitement to go train harder in the gym, and that was very beneficial.


5- Avoid masturbation and sexual intercourse as much as possible.

Testosterone is a magical hormone, it is the key factor in your hormonal game, you will need to ensure that its is at its peak most of the time, and to do that, you have to do certain things such as weight lifting and taking some supplements.

The easiest way to keep your testosterone at a good level is to avoid masturbating and sexual intercourse altogether.

Remember, the more sacrifices you do the more it will guarantee that you will make new year resolutions come true.

Just do not push it too far, it could drive you insane.

If you felt that either you give up or masturbate, go rub one out.


6- visualize achieving your goal every night you go to sleep.

try to imagine how it will look like and feel like when you finally achieve it, do not let the progress you have achieved so far determine that visualization, just visualize that everything went according to plan and you achieved your goal perfectly, imagine how it feels and looks, in every little detail.

Imagine how happy it will make you feel, how much your life will improve when you make the new year resolution come true, enjoy it and feel happy because of it.

That way you will fall in love with that goal.


7- Meditate.

It easy, it is crucial and it is awesome.

Take 20 minutes each morning to meditate, just sit in an empty and quiet room and enjoy the silence in your brain, do not bring thought and do not fight thoughts.

do not let thought take you, just let it be, just like a movie playing in the background, let it be and do not associate with it.

Read more on meditation.

It is awesome, and you will feel the difference after just days of meditation.

The last thing you have to do in order to make new year resolutions come true is

8- Talk with your close friends and family about it, and stay away from social media.

Tell them what you have set your mind to, let them pressure you into the fear of not achieving it, let them set their expectations.

Do not listen when they try to discourage you, take it as it is, just more wood for your fire.

Make sure you are reminded daily of your goal, whether in a bad, good, or even sarcastic way, at least someone is reminding you of what you have to do.

Make it happen, and yeah.

Deactivate your Facebook, it will help remove the noise of the past pleasures you are avoiding for the sake of your goal, it will also remove the fear of missing out and comparing lives, so lower the use of social media.

Those were some little things you can do in order to make new year resolutions come true.

These things will help you achieve those new year resolutions, those goals that you were planning on doing since a long time.

Do not waste time looking for perfection, the perfect plan or the hidden secret, start, start this year.

While you are doing the plan you came up with, if you can make some time to look for other better plans, then do it, but do not pause your progress in order to find that perfect plan.

clock is ticking and time inst merciful.

you are being lazy now, you are putting that goal away just out of your love to comfort and fun time.

But soon, you will not be able to do it anymore, the train will pass and the time is gone, and it will happen faster than you think.

At that moment you will understand that there is no food, no game and no empty activity that is worth losing that potential.

Do not do it for others, do it for yourself.

You are under no pressure of becoming the next big scientist or the next best X.

What is expected from you is to not break the law, cause harm or be a burden on society, and that is a very low expectation.

So do not think that the world is expecting anything from you, it is not.

And the world won’t really care when you achieve it, it is only for you.

It is because you know as well as I do that there is so much more to life than the life you are experiencing.

and it will not get better unless you make it better.

There is still enough suffering and sadness in the world today to make a strong man cry, we still need change, we still need a lot of great change, if you want to be a part of that, it all starts with this small goal, make it happen.

It is only after you have helped yourself that you are able to offer the valuable help to others.

Don’t let yourself down, it is six months, a short road to supremacy.

enjoy the holidays, enjoy the free time you have now, but when you set the day to start, that date won’t change, and you will start, no coming back.

Best of luck to all of you the amazing readers of this website, you guys are my inspiration to write more on here, because you showed me how much potential there is in us, just in need of a direction and a push.



Here is How To Make New Year Resolutions Come True: 

  1. Understand that every little efforts matter, they will help maintain your limited amount of daily effort.
  2. You can only focus on one thing at a time, do not try to change everything all at once and do not go head to head with your emotions.
  3.  Don’t wait for motivation or for when you feel like it, sacrifice your comfort and easy time for the sake of your goal, it will pay off. 
  4. Managing time and staying on schedule is the most important thing in achieving new year resolutions. 
  5. Do not give in to pleasure much as they will make you seek comfort more.
  6. visualize and meditate for success. 
  7. Tell people about your great plans but stay away from social media. 

Thank you and have a happy new year,

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Renan January 4, 2017 - 10:55 am

Great article as always. Happy new year brother!

Petr December 22, 2018 - 1:19 pm

Words of wisdom!


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