How To Talk To Girls: Arousal

by John Deus

How To Talk To Girls?

I had a discussion lately with one of my close friends, a member of my inner circle of supreme men, about how things are simple with women, but men tend to over-complicate them.

The reason for this complication men assume about women is, men operate on a totally different level than women.

After understanding those fundamental differences between the sexes, interacting with women will become easier and more profitable.

Girls rely mostly on emotions. Guys rely mostly on logic. THAT IS IT.

That is all you need, to know how to talk to girls properly.

Before all the white knights and insecure girls go insane about the above-mentioned sentence, let us clarify.

Both men and women are equally feminists favorite word able to use both emotions and logic, BUT… girls base their judgments on emotions more than guys do.

Men think in a logical way, for us, everything has to make sense, we follow a logical sequence in the way we deliver and perceive information.

In a man-to-man conversation, the following is considered as a normal interaction between guys.

Guy1: Hey man, what is up?
Guy2: Nothing much, what about you?
Guy1: Same here, have you watched the game yesterday?
Guy2: No, not really, I was busy and did not have time.
Guy1: Oh, it was great, the home team was… etc.

Unfortunately, many guys use the above formula when they talk to girls, they talk to girls the same way they talk to guys, and that is a terrible mistake.

If you take the above scenario and redo it with a girl, she will think you are clueless and BORING.


Because it is not arousing any emotions from the girls part, she is not involved, and most importantly she can’t relate to the topic.

Let’s break the right mentality to come from when talking to girls:

  • Try to get her talking more than you: at first, you will be the one doing most of the talking,  the first 10 minutes max. After that, she should start talking more and more.

How To Do This?

Ask questions and look for clues in her answers… for example:

You: How is your day going?
Girl: oh, it is amazing so far.

Now the cue here is that she is having an amazing day, you can ask why is it amazing? or even better, you can assume things that made it amazing for her.


  • Talk on an emotional level: get her emotions involved, don’t get her all logical and up her head, let her experience you, not just hear you.

How To Do This?

This one is hard to explain because to inspire emotions, you have to feel them in yourself first and then it will radiate to the girl  – Law Of State Transfer.

You have to experiment A LOT to get this mastered, the tips I could give you are:

-Use words that provoke emotions, like “love, hate, hurt, pain, joy…etc.”

-Switch between good and bad emotions, don’t stay all happy and sweet. And don’t neg all night… here a little, there a little.

-Be edgy, don’t be afraid to fuck up, apologize if you fucked up badly and offended her, other than that own it. Understand that you have to creep some out at first, this is how the learning process will roll for everyone.

-Be genuine, know what makes you feel certain emotions, use it to generate emotions you want to communicate inside yourself first, FEEL THEM and try to communicate it to the other party.

  • Be random, the more the better: don’t try to make sense in everything you say, don’t try to rationalize every move you try to make and never try to make transactions between topics appear logical. be unpredictable.

How To Do This?

Experiment, the more you try to do it the more it will come naturally to you. jump between topics that have no connection with each other what so ever. Make a move on her that is out-of-place, maybe it will creep her out at first, but it will surely make you stand out as interesting and unpredictable.

When you set your frame as being unpredictable and random, you can do literally anything and get away with it. A girl will always rationalize whatever you do as an act of randomness and “just the way you are” and will forgive you. 

The aim of all this is not to manipulate girls, yes when you master playing with emotions you can easily manipulate people – and somehow you end up being apathetic.

The aim is to be more of an experience than just an entity, to be more interesting and fun. To make the girl feel a wider range of emotions and experience life with you.

Talking to girls, flirting, and getting them wild, shouldn’t always be to get in their pants.

Do it for the fun of it, do it for the good times. 

Stop looking to hump anything alive, have a good time… sex will naturally follow.

 So here is it gentlemen, how to talk to girls and use the arousal in your advantage. 

I tried to make it as short and to the point as possible. 

THIS is all you need to know hot to talk to girls, at least on a basic level.

Spread the wisdom, 

John Deus


How To talk to girls


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emil February 22, 2016 - 7:19 pm

Why “Read Here for advanced techniques.” brings me to a page where I need a username and password? :/

Anyway, great article! Trying to improve my “emotional talk”.

John Deus February 25, 2016 - 7:06 pm

Thanks for pointing that out, I will check on it

Soldeir of fortune August 11, 2016 - 8:49 am

Hi I love your articals, for the first time besides RSD there is a person that says the whole truth in the face. and I have a question)

I live in Israel, The mentality of girls here is diffrent and when you approch them, they expect you to have original catch frases and stuff like that. I am a direct person and when I want somthing from a person I say it to him directly.

How do I approch women directly and talk with her about sex without being considerd a creep or a pervert?

Soldeir of fortune August 11, 2016 - 8:51 am

* talk with them

and the 2nd coma in the 2nd sentance is a mistake

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