How To Get Your Dream Girl?

by John Deus

How to get your dream girl?

Yes, I did use a “Clickbait” title. 

No, This article won’t be like the 100 general BS articles you have read with such a title. 

I hope I can get my message across, I hope I can get people to understand that all articles promising you to get a girlfriend in “10 simple easy steps” are complete BS. I hope people would understand that “Tricks to shortcut her brain and make her fall deeply in love with you” are also complete BS.


How To Get Your Dream Girl?

Become Her Dream Guy. 

Not much of a useful advice, it is the Duh’ist advice someone can ever give you. 

And no, I am not going to explain how to become her dream guy in this article


But I have some points to make in this post. 

First, You have to understand that a girl is never your end journey, it is never your ultimate goal in life.

She doesn’t want to be your sole purpose in life. 

This is something we have been fed through movies and love songs, a lie we grow up believing. 

The right woman is important to you as a man, as you are important to her. But both of you should not live solely for each other. 

The relationship should be as two people sitting next to each other through the epic journey of life. 


The other thing you have to understand is: 

You do not have to “be” anything to have sex.

If you just want to get laid, all you need is a functional dick and that is it. Example: This Article about the Easiest way to get laid, go check it. 

Getting into a relationship is a bit different.

Still, you don’t have to be Brad Pitt to get into a decent relationship.

Yes, there exists a bunch of tricks you can learn to “cheat” the system, to get into relationships outside of your “League”, to sleep with girls who wouldn’t normally go to guys like you, and we will explain some of them here at

But, Really?!

You just want to get laid, that is it?

Sex is one of the easiest and least rewarding activity a man can do, it is in no way a purpose for any human being.  

Whether you want to get laid or have a stable relationship,

You should strive to be the best man you could ever be, to become “a catch.”

Do I have to workout daily and get six packs to get laid?

Fuck, NO!

But I do.

Do I Have to dress sharply every time I go out? Do I have to court the girl I am with and make her night? Do I have to make her laugh, make her enjoy her night and fuck her brain out?

No, no and no. 

But I do. 

how to get your dream girl

Confusingly you wonder what the hell I am talking about?

This was supposed to be a post about getting your dream girl!

Yes, This is a post about getting your dream girl, It is the first step in the journey, which is addressing the problems in “Getting” and “Dream girl”.

If you view your relationships with these terms, then you do not see the world as it is.

“Dream Girl” does not exist and you are not alive to “Get” her.

You do not know exactly what you want in a girl, you will when you meet her. your expectations are in no way realistic, the girl you envision in your head DOES NOT EXIST. This perfect angelic creature that is touched by none but you and her mother… etc. etc. etc.

Wake the fuck up.

And it is good that your ‘Dream Girl’ doesn’t exist because her ‘Dream Guy’ is surely not you and surely doesn’t exist either. Getting over such fantasies is important for getting in touch with reality and stop wasting life. Go out there and meet girls, enjoy them for what they really are, the imperfections, the drama, everything.

Stop putting girls on a pedestal, they are not some angelic unique creatures, they are humans just like you and me, they were born and they will die, they eat fatty unhealthy food, they take gigantic smelly shit, they have insecurities and they do not always look that good.
You do not ‘get’ girls in life – will, you do! -, getting implies a sense of purpose, it means you live for getting girls and that is surely a waste of time. Girls are merely a side effect of a kick ass life. You go on about your life, being fucking awesome, and along the way you invite awesome girls to join in with you. That is how you should think about it. 

This does not mean that girls are below or less valuable than you. FUCK NO! 
This does not mean that girls are insignificant or just a sidekick for fun. FUCK NO! 

Girls will help you grow a lot, some of your best memories will be shared with awesome women, they are significant to you as a man and they are of equal importance and intelligence, end the gender war BS

You should never ever make ‘Getting Girls’ a purpose of you life, paradoxically you will need to make it ‘your purpose’ for a while until you get that area fixed. If you suck with girls now, then you will HAVE TO MAKE YOUR LIFE COMPLETELY BUILT ON ‘GETTING GIRLS’ UNTIL YOU FIX THE PROBLEM; BUT NOT YOUR LIFE LONG PURPOSE.

Having sex, Threesomes, foursomes, reversed gang-bangs. Sleeping with a lot of women and enjoying sex in general will be discussed in here, we will explain all the tricks to getting the lazy one night stands. You can still be a lazy fuck and get laid, but you shouldn’t. 

I hope I explained my point well, I hope you can see that what I said is not meant to lesser the importance of a good woman. I hope that you understand that even though they are not your life purpose, you still have to approach and go out to meet them, you should invest in getting a good girl and you should invest in ‘HER’. 

Go make somebody out of yourself, go be whoever you want to be. 

Share The Wisdom Gentlemen, 

John Deus



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DareandConquer March 8, 2015 - 8:44 pm

”They take gigantic smelly shit” Lmao.

When i read the phrase “become her dream guy” i knew this article would gonna be amazing. I totally believe that if you want an awesome good-looking girl or a ”dream girl” you need to be equal to her.
Someone who is wasting his days doing random things and killing time has no potential in getting an awesome girl. If he finds someone then she will be on his level.
Excellent advice john,every man should read it.

John Deus March 10, 2015 - 5:05 pm

Thank you… Nice website you got there.

I won’t describe it as “equal” such term would get guys hallucinating on the looks only.

But in general, bring something valuable to the table in return.


Poseidonas June 1, 2015 - 5:36 pm

Hi John, I’ve read a lot of your articles and I strongly believe that besides your humor you are right (I laugh every time).But my problem is that I just can’t find a girl.I often go out.3-4 times per week.So as I said I can’t find one and all my friends have . I’ve been trying a lot and I always end up on rejection (most of them act like snobs either on fb or rl)The question is:Where am I wrong?What should I do to make my self better?Greetings from Greece!

John Deus June 2, 2015 - 2:15 am


Thank you.

You are probably setting your expectations way too high! You have to lower your standards a bit.
I don’t mean sleeping with ugly girls.
I never sleep with a girl less than an 8 regardless of how horny i am.
But at the same time I socialise with everyone, even the fat ugly girls, i game them, it doesn’t mean that I will fuck them.

Other than that you have to realise that a solid player is very rare, a guy that is able to pull constantly is a 1% in this world, you probably have never met someone like that, so do not take it hard on yourself.

It is ok to go out 3 times a week and not pull, for a newbie that is totally ok.
What is not ok is to get stuck in this stage, you are clearly doing something wrong and I can’t tell you what it is without seeing you in action, so you have to go out and approach and notice what is happening with you.

There are a lot of variables that might be causing you to fail… i need more details about you to give you a good answer.


Poseidonas June 2, 2015 - 3:27 pm

Can i add you in any website?Or even email so i can give you more details privately?Also if you could recommend me some articles it could be great..Have a nice day sir!

John Deus June 4, 2015 - 8:32 am

Check the find us section on the left menu, and you can always reach me at [email protected]

Febrian August 29, 2015 - 4:46 pm

I agree. It’s just about being you and to have confidence in yourself. There are about more girls than guys on this planet. So the possibilities are endless,”so to speak”. JUST BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE THE BEST MAN that’s about it. And by the way, thanks bro nice article

Baden November 2, 2015 - 9:00 pm

I am 17 and homeschooled,but when I go out I can’t ever seem to get any girls attention!!! Do you have some ideas for me on how to hold a girl to like me? And how do you properly keep a conversation aswell with a girl?
Thank you sir

Neel November 6, 2015 - 2:25 pm

Im 17 as well all u need is confidence in yourself uptill last year i thought girls had extremely high expectations, well guess what they dont, just be confident a girl doesn’t like you, forget her… We are 17 bro we can get any girl we want

Baden November 6, 2015 - 7:46 pm

Hi Neel

Thanks for the advice man! I still have the rest of my life to live!!;)

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