How To Change Your Life: Your Makeover Guide

by John Deus


How To Change Your Life?

So for how long are you going to push through this mediocre life? 

for how long are you planning to stay unhappy?

What are you waiting for? what is holding you back?

Do you want to improve your life?    

Or just keep on making excuses? 

Do you want to try new things in life? 

Or just master playing PUBG for the rest of your life? 

Do You Really Want To Know How To Change Your Life?

To begin with, I have to clarify one misconception a lot of people fall for.

That misconception is ” wanting to change “.
You have failed many times before trying to change because basically, you can’t “change”.
And that is because you can’t truly and clearly define yourself in the first place, to change it.

Instead, you should be aiming to improve yourself.

Yes, clearly everyone has something they want to change, an old habit or a behavior.
You shouldn’t look at self-improvement as something you want to erase and replace, instead, you should view it as a step by step process of adding the good and removing the bad.

How To Change Your Life

After we got that out of the way, let’s start off with the right way of approaching self-improvement.

Do you want to improve?
Or do you like to improve?

Neither! you should be obsessed, you should be crazy about improving.

That Is How To Change Your Life!

And how can you achieve that?

Simply, hit rock bottom!

For most of you, you live in a situation that is not bad enough. Apparently, you are reading this from the comfort of your home. So your survival instinct is not going all crazy now. You’re stuck in a limbo – your survival isn’t directly threatened, and so you never get that burst of life or death motivation.

The worst thing is, in today’s comfortable, secure world, your survival will probably never be seriously threatened, and thus you will not be able to easily leverage that part of you.

You are just not that happy, and not being happy won’t kill you.

Your best solution is … to hit rock bottom, to fool yourself, to actually convince yourself that it can’t get any worse than this, To get your instinct involved.

Believe me, if you continue living like this, if you live life stumbling around in the pathetic mediocrity.
You will eventually hit rock bottom, you will not like it, and most likely, it would be too late to do anything about it.

So it is far better to hit rock bottom willingly rather than just waking up one day discovering that you are there.

Realizing that you are at Rock bottom comes in different forms and shapes,

You might realize it seconds before blowing your brain out with a 9mm.
You might realize it after you wake up hungover, drenched in piss and vomit.
You might realize it while walking into a prison cell for doing some stupid shit.

None of those are particularly fun situations to be in, so…

it is better to take yourself there willingly.

To do that…

Take a full day for yourself… a Sunday, a weekend, or whatever.

Turn off your cell phone and all forms of communications and just sit by yourself in a room.

If you drink or smoke get your favorites, a bottle of whiskey and some cigarettes will do.

Start drinking by yourself… get really fucking drunk it doesn’t really matter… but focus on why your life sucks.

Why you’re living a miserable pathetic life, get everything all out, all the memories all the regrets.
Get it all fucking out… fell the pain, the shame, the anger, the jealousy… indulge fully in it.

Think about the girls you never had the balls to approach. Think about everything you regret not doing.
Think about all the years you wasted, think about all the things you missed on.
Think about how you’re a fucking loser. Think about how you got nothing going on for you.
Remember every time you failed. every time you were scared. every time you were rejected. every time you were bullied.
Cry actual tears if you can, because, for you, this is it.

The last tears I will cry over how pathetic I am, after today, it is fucking over.


How To Change Your Life!

After wallowing in your own tears and depression, wake up and have a cold shower… shave, brush your teeth and wear the nicest clothes you have. put on some nice cologne and feel like a million bucks. get some fine cigars if you can, blast your favorite music and start your day.

How To Change Your Life

Focus on your past, whatever it was, regardless if you were a rock star or a nerd… and just let it go.
let it go completely… it doesn’t matter if you fucked Angelina Jolie while Brad Pitt was filming, it doesn’t matter anymore, the past is the past. 

Whether it was a glorious or a painful, shameful past. NOW, your past is gone.

Your past will bring you back to that shitty frame that you are stuck in.
You are framed by your past to behave in a certain way, as long as you hold your past.. you will always behave the same.

Your old friends, your family, they will drag you back un-knowingly to that old you.
They expect things from you, they expect you to behave in a certain way.

Most of them will do it without realizing, they won’t be fighting the improved you, they will be expecting your old self.

But some will try to drag you down knowingly, they will poison you to stay the same and not break the shackles of mediocrity.
You have to let them go, with your past. 

I would recommend minimizing connections to a minimum with everyone for the first couple of weeks. after that, cut off those who want to poison you and drag you down, those who do nothing but be an extra weight in the race of life. cut them off… and make no apology for it.
This is your fucking life.

After getting your vision cleared, after getting on track, Start owning life the hard way.
Start grinding and hustling for everything you ever wanted… money, girls, status, traveling the world.
whatever it is, cut the crap and start working.
There won’t be any instant gratification… you’re not a fucking dog, you don’t get a treat after doing the right thing.
This is life, and it is the way it is, you need to put on hard work… and there is zero chance that putting some serious hard work won’t pay off.

ZERO fucking chance

Do you remember that guy that always try hard to do something but it never works out?
It is because he is either not trying hard enough or giving up way too soon… get the idea of some lucky people make it in this life and others waste their effort for nothing out of your mind, your hard will never go for nothing.

That is just a pathetic fucking excuse made by mediocre people who are too afraid of going out of their shitty comfort zone.

Get real, work hard, strive and you will get what you want.

The answer to How To Change Your Life is HARD FUCKING WORK!

And for god’s sake cut the bullshit.. whatever you want to do
there is enough information on the net that covers it completely for free.
You have this blog and a thousand other telling you how to get this and that…
start fucking reading, go get some books.. start googling how to do and Y.


Hit the gym, nothing can teach discipline like the gym.
stop existing as a mere entity and start fucking living.

Can you make the world different just by existing in it?

Or will you be just like the billions of people
dead and forgotten.
Live for something greater, a dream that only you can see, and devote EVERYTHING to it,
and life will be there for you.

Or fucking keep on being a pathetic lazy fuck…
Just don’t post and nag on this website or any other website on how some people are just lucky and the rest aren’t meant to have it…

That was it Gentlemen, How To Change Your Life, start working!

John Deus


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Tinder Madness February 10, 2015 - 2:14 pm

This is harsh, but life is too. Helpful article.

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Sergio February 19, 2015 - 4:33 pm

Great post.

John Deus February 20, 2015 - 6:37 pm


ariell May 4, 2015 - 3:31 am

❤ Great read.

hamill June 6, 2015 - 7:31 pm

i only started reading this blog today, and i swear i am getting man boners about how real this shit is, fuck yeah

supremacy_fan June 15, 2015 - 10:46 am

words of wisdom. I’m just discovering this great blog. definitly in my bookmarks.
As men we must take care of our lives. our grand-fathers lived a very hard life, full of pain and disease, some of them went to war and had to deal with death of comrades in a daily basis.
we’re the first generation with no major war, with easy life, good and comfortable homes.. and a huge amont of free time. yet the majority of us do nothing to make impact in this world.
they’re many challenges who are coming.. big enough to destroy nations and people because they are global. as men we should be concerned about the futur of our nations.
by writing those articles, the author of this blog is doing his duty. let’s do ours.

Wellington Dusty Osleado October 8, 2015 - 2:39 am

thanks John Deus. You’ve given me an appreciation for sadness and hardship. That’s priceless.

Neel November 19, 2015 - 7:04 am

Thanks a lot john just what I needed ASAP…. All my life I was looking for a reason a situation or any thing that would make me get up and start working to change me life…it turns out that such things never happen I read all your blogs top to bottom and it gave me the courage to become a real man…

El Fenix November 7, 2016 - 2:27 am

Fuck you maaan! This post is fuckin mind blowing!! Greatest post ever including the one on death! Thanks for just hitting us hard!!!

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b2 January 1, 2018 - 9:34 pm

Thanks for the post. I completely agree with you – stop to excuse and start to do
be blessed.


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