Ego, Get It Out Of Your Way!

by John Deus


I will talk lengthly about the Ego and how to deal with it, this article serves as just an introduction to the endless articles on the topic of ego. 

When you enter or any other website that teaches, inspires or motivates you


Your ego will fuck up the things in your life 90% of the time. Yes, It is necessary to have a big ego to create motivation for your life. People who describe themselves as humble are usually spineless pussies, they just rationalize it by saying “I’m humble”.

Supreme men have a big-ass ego and they own it. But not when they are learning When you are listening to someone or when you are reading something, your ego will block certain information out from reaching your mind. It goes something like this, you read an article on how to be better with women if you let your ego get in the way you will go through it without any sense of understanding. Your ego would think: “man I can already get girls, why should I listen to this?” just like 99% of men on earth, always sure that they are good at two things: fighting and getting chicks. When you do this, you lose lots of opportunities to better yourself, it will hurt your progress a lot.

Read this carefully:

You will Never Get/Know something enough.

Don’t ever stop trying to improve yourself, Even in something, you consider yourself a supreme in. I have bedded 100’s of women so far, yet I still read articles with headlines as silly as ‘How to get a girlfriend‘ – as you can fucking sum it up in a step by step article!. You don’t know, you might read a line in one silly, poorly written, generic article, and it would be the missing piece of the puzzle.

You don’t know, you might read a line in one silly, poorly written, generic article, and it would be the missing piece of the puzzle. Everyone Know’s Something You Don’t, that is a fact. Be humble, at least when you are learning. It doesn’t necessary means you are below the teacher – it is never who is higher than the other. It doesn’t even necessarily mean to respect the teacher. Respect the knowledge, Respect the words grouped together to form a practical awareness of an experience that will bring you closer to a vision, closer to mastery. Respect the experience, let it stick in your brain, filter it, reflect your perception of life on it and take out what will benefit you. That is how you should go about every piece of information you come across. There is no top, there is no finish line. You can never finish learning something,  there will always be room for improvement, Always… don’t fool yourself. If you are obsessed with something if you want to master something, then hustle it through, keep hustling until you reach supremacy. Get this through your head, perfection doesn’t exist,  no one has perfected something so far.

Keep hustling.

That’s it Gentlemen, Share The Knowledge.

John Deus

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Luc Marcus March 2, 2015 - 10:49 am

What about Pride?

John Deus March 2, 2015 - 2:31 pm

Pride is severely misunderstood by people.
You have pride without being egoistic.
They are similar in definition but differ in basis, strength and effects on relationships.
Articles to come on the matter,

LightofDawn March 13, 2015 - 2:38 am

I just wanned to say that i freacking love your blog/web page. I already know some things about some articles and some i haven’t. It’s awesome to know something new about things you think you already know.

Thank you sir.

John Deus March 22, 2015 - 1:56 am

Light Of Dawn,

Glad you liked it, You are welcome.



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