A Rant On: Insecurities

by John Deus

*This article is not yet edited, please excuse any mistakes. 

Everyone is insecure about something.

That statement alone should be enough for you to get rid off all your insecurities, but it probably won’t.

Insecurities are doing much more damage to you than you think, it is stifling you, it is crippling the awesome dude within and seriously fucking with your self-esteem.

Getting rid of all your insecurities is equivalent to being insanely confident, confidence goes hand in hand with the absence of insecurities.

So, dedicating some time to fix your insecurities or talk yourself out of them is important for your growth as a Supreme Man.

Let us begin,

Hot to Get Rid Of All Your Insecurities?

A guide for getting rid of all your insecurities can never ever be summarized in one article or even a whole book, it is much more complicated than that.

I will list some mind tweaks to help you see the way out of your perfectly fucked up world of insecurities, to help you get out of the illusion of how good you have to be to get this or that.

Future articles to come on every known insecurity a guy faces and how to fix/get in peace with it completely.

Beyond that, it is on you to go out and get enough positive references to resolve your issues.

You have to take action, convincing your mind requires you to move your lazy ass and go prove to yourself what you are capable of doing.

But for This Post,  let us discuss the commonalities between insecurities:

  • This is what you got in this life, Deal with it.

Not really motivating, but it is what it is.

Everyone, EVERYONE wishes that they got this or that different, no one is perfect.

No amount of depression and self-pity is going to fix/change your situation right now, why would you even bother? 

Why would you live in depression?

You are searching for some pathetic excuses to see the world in the eyes of a victim, looking hardly into the depth of reality perceiving the negatives of life as the all-it-is.

Why the fuck do people argue about whether or not being short matters?
What are you trying to prove?

If I told you right now, if you are shorter than 5’0” then you will never have a girlfriend and you will be poor for the rest of your life, what would you do then?

Is that what are you looking for?

Do you want me to say “oh, sorry man, but you got the worst hand in life and you’re totally screwed, sorry! there is no hope for you.

Now what?

What is your next step?

You just proved to yourself that you are out of hope.

So, Now what?

Cut this shit off man, you either get in peace with your insecurities or you change them.

There is no way around it.

Love what you got in this life, try to improve it, but never let it stand in your way.

You are fat and think that girls do not like you because you are fat?

Then get it through your head that you are fat, start working on fixing the issue – join a gym and workout – and do not use it as an excuse to not meet women, fucking go out, approach and talk to girls.

This is life, this is reality, you are running out of time, use what you got in the most optimal way and strive to improve it.


  • It is not going to get better on its own and probably it will get worst.

Time will fix everything Fuck no, time makes you forget and that’s about it.

You need actions to make time work in your favor, you need to lay out a plan to dedicate where you are going in this life.

Without a plan, without a direction in life you will probably go down, things will get worse by itself.

Obviously, time will make you older, and older means less healthy, that is a sure one.

Other than that, life is known to through the weird unexpected shit in your way from time to time, so ya. 

It is not getting better on its own, it is getting worse. 

If you are not improving in life, you won’t stay in the same place, YOU WILL DIMINISH

Get going


  • You Are Going To Die. 

Not the feel-good post you were looking for?

I tell it like it is.

Do you want to go through life obliviously happy, or actually happy?

Understanding that you, like everyone else, will die is a great thing.

It takes your fuck ups out of the equation.

You fucked up?

Doesn’t matter, soon you and everyone who knew about it will die!

why would you care?
Why are you so obsessed with what people think or even LIKE!?

It is none of your business and it does not matter.

let them call you the short creepy balding guy…. Fuck it!

You should smile after getting this fact through your head, it is just amazing.

Life is kinda* Guilt-Free ride, nothing forever.

In the end, Everyone is going to die.


  • You Compare Yourself To An Illusion.

That cool guy on Facebook, he is not like that.

That cool celebrity you see on T.V, he is not like that.

It is all an illusion, people aren’t always cool or always good-looking or always confident… etc.

It is just The ‘momentum of success’ that created an illusion of continuity. A picture tells you a part of the story, A video is professionally cut to remove that awkward creepy shots that would definitely screw up the perfect image of that human being. It is not as cool as it seems to be.

The bar is not as high as you expect to be considered cool, good-looking, smart, Successful. 

It is all about what you show to people to create that illusion.

That is why celebrities do not get in contact with fans that much, it is because if they do, they will appear more human, as they actually are, and that would screw up the image of perfection they have to keep up, that would break the illusion.

And even normal people, like the cool guy in your school or whatever, he is just like you, he has his own insecurities and his own doubts, but he, either intentionally or unintentionally, shows the good and hides the bad, and that is the greater trick, creating the illusion, –more on that in a future article.

Do not compare yourself to people without an actual scale, meaning, do not compare yourself outside of a competing environment, like bodybuilding, because in competition you have to tell the whole story, you can’t fake it.

Outside of competition you will always lose and you will always win, because there are no criteria to compare against, you just compare to what you see, and someone will always show you something you can not do ‘Yet’.

If I told I have slept with 150+ women in my life so far, I would be considered a sex-god. You would think to yourself “how the fuck can I compete with that!“.

It sounds amazing until you know that I have approached 500+ women in my life.

Do not fall for illusions, do not compare to a non-existing image of perfection.

Stop wasting time on Facebook or watching movies, get in touch with reality.

He snapped a picture, and in the flash of the camera I realized there was no overarching moral to life,
just sad people doing sad shit.

  • Everything is fixable, you are just lazy and lack ambition.

Everything, every single insecurity, every single fault in you can somehow be fixed, I will write in-depth articles on the most common insecurities and what you can do to actually and physically fix them.

You are fat, you see yourself in the mirror and get depressed.

I am fat, I see myself in the mirror and then go bust my fucking ass in the gym.

That is the difference.

No matter what, no matter how difficult it might appear, I will strive to make it work.

Depressions and ‘fuck it I will just play video games’ aren’t in my vocabulary.

Get this, if there is something holding you back, if there is something that is really bothering you and you can not get in peace with it. change it. PERIOD.

No matter how impossible it seems to be.

You were born without testicles? and it is really bothering you? and there are no way to get in peace with it?

Then do not let it hold you back, go on with what you want to do in life, BUT strive to change it.

Get a Ph.d in advanced Biology and Embryology and invent a way to fix it… you will get a noble prize and a pair of testicles.

That is the degree of obsession you have to reach.

I am obviously going to extremes here to prove a point, all your current insecurities are somehow easily fixed.

But still, be that obsessed.



  • Nothing can stop you, but some things can slow you down.

Kicking ass in life is surely achievable within your current means.

You can be who you want, but maybe, MAYBE due to some bullshit you’re going through in your life, you would need a little longer to reach it, but still, you will reach it.

Nothing can stop you, being poor is not going to stop you from reaching your first billion, it will just slow you down.

and this applies to everything.

Stop Wasting Time.


  • You are better than you think.

This one needs a small dose of narcissism to actually connect with your reality.

And this one is closely tied to the fact that you compare yourself to illusions.

You, since you are here, are one in 10 million, it is somehow rare for people to actually spend time improving themselves, that is why self-help blogs aren’t wildly popular, while stupid celebrity gossip blogs are.

People would rather hypnotize themselves in a simulated reality and believe that this is it than actually doing something to improve. We always seek comfort and improving is not in any way comfortable.

Good job man!

You, if you kept on pushing through life and striving to achieve your dreams, are one in a 100 million.

People are excited to improve until they hit the first roadblock. People these days do not seem to understand what “it is going to be difficult” really means, our understanding of the word ‘difficult’ had diminished due to some reason, probably the refrigerator.

You, if you kept going until you reach it, are in the 1% of the world.

Welcome to the top.


  • Everything ‘negative’ in you will reduce you fuck-up threshold but not how much you can achieve.

When you are short, ugly and fat, you must have a top-notch game to pull a model, one single fuck up and you will be out.

While Brad Pitt gets to fuck up a little here and there.

Both of you could get the same results, but you should pull it off better than him, and you are not allowed to fuck up at all.

That is one hard reality of life, if you do not have any god given gifts, you are not allowed to do any mistakes until you create your own Awesomeness.

It all goes back to stereotypes, people who got it bad in life are known to be awkward and insecure, Thus when you exhibit any sign of weakness, neediness… etc. they will be matched with the typical stereotype of people who behave like that.

And if that stereotype is bad, they will be perceived in a bad way.

Learn how to better present yourself, more on that later.


  • You can’t talk yourself out of deep insecurities, you got to indulge yourself in them.

Do not fight your insecurities, do not pretend that they are not there.

Address them, let them be exposed completely, see them for what they really are.

Get some reference about your insecurities, see how the world will respond to them, but do not pretend that they are not there.

This is a very broad topic, I will revisit it in a future article.


  • The more fucked up you are, the easier for you to be free.

When life hits you so fucking hard, when it shoots you down into the dark depths of the world and nails you to it, you can be free.

When you have so many things that are wrong with you, and it is very fucking rare, you can unplug from the matrix.

You can live in your own world with your own rules and invite people to join, instead of sharing this world with others.

This is a huge, misunderstood and dark topic, I will explore it more in a future article.

But understand that you shouldn’t always live by the rules and norms of your society, you can unplug and be free.

You can see the world with your own eyes and shape it as you want.


That was an introduction to many upcoming articles addressing insecurities and how to fix them, I just went over some thoughts you could use to build a stable and confident ground to conquer the world.

Stop being ruled by insecurities, by fear of judgment, by people’s thought.

Everyone is busy thinking what everyone is thinking about them, exploit that.

Be Free.

Share the wisdom Gentlemen,

John Deus




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Luc Marcus March 18, 2015 - 10:37 pm

Brilliant article, looking forward to reading your future works.
regards Luc

Sam March 19, 2015 - 1:39 am

Dude, this is a wonderful blog. I have been always insecure about my nose, even though i have had beautiful girls on my 20 years of life.

This article helps a lot. Im gonna read it every fucking day. Keep bringing the good stuf!

Nelda March 9, 2017 - 4:33 am

this post is first class

Elyasar March 19, 2015 - 10:31 am

Great article, as always. Would love to read something on not always living by society’s rules and being free.

Kay May 31, 2015 - 12:36 am

Amazing, saving this for them dark days so I can re-read and re-live

drfrlove July 20, 2015 - 5:43 am

Awesome article

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