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Ladies & Gentlemen,

Long Time…

I apologies for promising to post more regularly… I clearly did not stick to that promise.

And to be fair and clear to everyone, I decided to write this post to clarify what will happen to mysupremacy.com

First, let me start with why I am not posting that often.

It is because I am dedicating most of my time to get myself back on track.

I have fallen down really hard, I have reached my lowest point a couple of months ago.

I saw my complete life fall apart week by week, everything I was holding on to, I lost… completely.

And no one, NO ONE to blame but myself.

I have lost all those things because I stopped being me, I betrayed myself, my sense of judgment, my conciousness and my life experience.

A life lesson for everyone here. During that time of being a complete mess… I got laid more than ever, with the hottest and highest quality girls around. 

That is probably why I did not fully see how much I fucked up.

So ya, your excuse is not valid, you can be a complete mess and still pull the hottest most valuable girl in a club and get her heels over head for you.


Regardless, I will be dedicating more time into my personal development.

The next couple of months are going to be EPIC, I promise.

I am already going into my journey, with an insane speed, I am getting back to where I once was.

I lost 10 kilos (~20 pounds) in the last two weeks, most likely I will reach my optimal body in 3 months.

This weekend I am conquering my 100th city, and already planning my journey to the four corners of the world.

I have a long list of things that I have to accoumplish in this short period of time.

I will share my complete journey for the next couple of months, what I will achieve and what I will accomplish in such a short period of time.

To show you what is possible, to let you know that if I can do it you can do it too. 

I am not a special unique snowflake, I am just a regular dude.



In 7 ~ 8 months I will no longer post on mysupremacy.com or any other website.

The blogging journey of john deus ends there.

But mysupremacy.com will go on helping people achieve their fullest potential.

I have already a number of people willing to share their experience here, I will introduce them when appropriate and they will take over this blog and hopefully do a good job in providing all the necessary information for the men out there.

During these upcoming months, I will pour my heart out to you, I will write and share all of my experience and knowledge about this life.

I will give you everything you need to know to become a supreme man, and all what is left would be you moving your lazy ass and own this life.

So, let us make it epic, shall we?


Now in regards to my email, [email protected]

I know I am taking forever to reply to your emails. I personally follow-up with each and every email I receive.

No one here helps with replying to your questions on that email.

And while I am writing this email, I have 3582 unread emails and counting.

So ya, it is hard to keep up with this huge number of emails.

But please do not let that stop you from getting in touch with me, regardless of how silly or unimportant you think your case might be.

I am here to help, just forgive me for taking forever to answer.


Two things I like to add:

1- Please try to make your email as short and to the point as possible, It is hard to read through a 3000 word email, understand it, and come up with a suitable answer in a short period of time.

2-The emails to comments ratio is very strange, I would appreciate if you guys would leave more comments to open some space for discussion.

That is what a community is all about, collaboration.


In the end, I would really like to thank you all for seeing past my clear lack of english skills, my erratic posting habits and for appreciating good content for what it is.

Will be back with informative articles on monday, tune up gentlemen.



John Deus




  1. Hey John
    It is okay that you havent been active on this Awesome website. You have already put out tons of content, and planning more. I will be looking forward to reading your future post in the next 7 months.
    Love LM

  2. have you thought about making a community on reddit or something like that? it might give a better place for people to ask for help, make us know when a new article comes out or even give ideas for new articles about subjects that are the most talked about…

  3. Damn John you just made ma little sad. Even though i didn’t use yours advices i still really liked reading them. Why won’t you put just one post of yours per year aftere these 8~7 months ? Just one. I guess it Won’t be the same without you.

  4. Oh man this is some bad news.
    I hope you change your mind in the upcoming months.

    This site won’t be the same without you.

  5. John,
    I’m sorry you have had a hard time! I have enjoyed all of your posts and wish you best of luck. I do feel like you should share more with us about what happened to you and why you hit rock bottom!? You are prescribing something to lots of people and I think to keep you credibility in high standing where it should be you need to share more details and what you would do different, or some may say your posts and ideas are a resepe for disaster. Anyway thanks I’m a fan!

  6. Straighten your back now John, time to get back in the saddle and make your life Supreme again. I love the website and the lifestyle so keep putting articles out!

  7. Looking forward for new post, it’s been more than month now.
    This is first time I some kind trusted personal growth blog, mostly because of its brutal honsety, and now you drop this bomb 🙁

  8. One more thing: you wrote that you have already lost 10kg and need another 3 months to get your optimal body so are you saying that you got fat and meanwhile still fucked a lot beautiful women?


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