5 Easy Tricks To Stand Out From The Crowd

by John Deus

*This article is not yet edited, please excuse any mistakes.

Everyone is looking for a way to be unique, to be special, to be different.

Some even think they were born as a special unique snowflake! We will leave discussing that for another post.

In this article, we will discuss why everyone needs to have a sense of uniqueness, how standing out from the crowd is not as ‘Cool’ as you thought it is, and finally I will list some very simple and basic tricks to help you experience how to really stand out from your surrounding and leave a lasting impression on people.


While indulging in your dark, twisted thoughts, you will arrive at some points highlighting how special and different you are.

When you consume and buy products, you do it in a way that reflects your personality, how special and unique it is.

When you interact and communicate with people, you try your best to stand out and express how special and uncommon you are.

That is the case for everyone around.

Paradoxically, your need for belongingness and blending in is much more important to you than being the unique special snowflake!

How is that possible?



You think that you are cut from a different cloth, that is how we were raised to believe. We were told that we are all born as unique and different individuals. To some extent, that is true, each one’s ‘Package‘ is slightly different from the other, but overall, WE ARE ALL THE SAME!


You do not need or want to be different, you just fantasies about it.

That fantasy of entering a room turning heads and getting everyone’s attention, that is your definition of being different, of standing out from the crowd.

But in reality, that is total nonsense. You are not seeing the big picture, that is just one single scene from a Hollywood movie.

One part of successfully creating a unique, special and different self, will eventually get you the “turning head’s” effect, and it will be fucking amazing when it happens!

But what standing out from the crowd, what being a unique individual really is,

Being shit tested by EVERYONE, being challenged by everyone. Having only a few real friends whom can look past your obvious higher status. Being hated by most people due to jealousy. Your need to maintain your frame 24/7 no matter what.

A lot of awful and soul/mind consuming shit you will have to deal with.

The hardest part is not to actually standing out from the crowd, that is easy.

The hard part is to HANDLE THE PRESSURE of standing out.

Remember that time when you felt like everybody is looking at you, that is standing out.

Remember that time you decided not to walk in front of a crowd and take a longer more hidden path, you were afraid to stand out.

Remember how you felt when you gave a public speech, a speech to your class maybe, that is how standing out feels like. it is not that bad-ass entrance in slow motion with a theme song playing behind you and everybody is looking at you in shock. that never happened and will never happen

Standing out means, to some degree, that you are of a higher/different value than everyone around.

In real life, no one likes to admit that he is inferior to anyone, no matter who it was.

In real life, if you try to stand out, if you try to convey being of a high value, you will get tested endlessly, people will look eagerly for your flows, and they will enjoy your fuck up.

Being the center of attention is not an easy task, you will be confronted by men and women. be ready to be tested and pushed around until you “break” your frame, until you give it up to blinding in.

It sounds horrible, but it is not always like that. I myself enjoy it, I enjoy being tested, I enjoy being confronted, I enjoy pushing myself to the uncomfortable limit, that is my perverted pleasure.

I will explain 5 tips to help you ‘stand out’ in certain scenarios, in a way that won’t arouse any offensive reaction from people.

These tips do work, yet they are designed to help you better experience how it feels to really stand out and be under pressure.

These tricks are very basic and can be applied and handled by anyone.

so do not worry.

1-When entering a room: stand by the entrance door, take a good 5 seconds to look around the room, move your head slowly, try to catch as many eyes as possible while moving your head, HAVE A SMIRK ON YOUR FACE THE WHOLE TIME, then look down to the side, with a bigger smile and resume walking inside. this one will feel awkward, especially in a not-so-crowded place. but what the heck… have fun with it.

2-When greeting people: don’t use any over-used greeting methods, like the dread “Hi, how are you”. instead, fuck with it a bit. say something along the lines of “how are my people?” to a group of friends, say it with an open chest and a SMIRK on your face. Say it loud and clear with a masculine voice. try to touch two people on the shoulder while or after you said it. have a genuine interest in the answers, and get on talking.

3-While trying to create a connection with a girl out of the blue: if a girl is talking to you, look her dead in the eye, slow down your blinking, draw a smirk on your face. stretch your back like you’re about to yawn, and hold a bigger smile on your face while looking away, she will instantly question why you are smiling like that, it will generate a fun vibe between you two. You can do this no matter what the subject of the conversation is, but do not overdo it.

Stand out from the crowd

4-While standing: keep one hand in your pocket, preferably your left hand, position you chest slightly to the side and rest your weight on one leg, try to hold this position when someone is talking to you, do not look them in the eye but rather look a bit to the left and talk, this can be considered rude, so use it with caution.


5-PAUSE, A LOT: While talking, pause, completely stop talking for a couple of seconds, do not break eye contact, just pause. Let the awkwardness and tensions rise a bit, see how people will eagerly wait for what you have to say, this one is gold and you should do it more frequently. yes, some people might describe you as ‘weird’ for doing these pauses, but it will surely make you more memorable, in a good way. 

These are some situational tips you can use to get a feel of what is coming ahead, all the awkwardness, all the tension and all the challenges are thrown your way will be amplified when you clearly and successfully become unique.
And it will be constant, 24/7. 

As I said, standing out from the crowd, being unique, is easy. Anything you do outside of the norm will make you stand out, and look around you at the hypnotized herds of sheep, it is not that much of a challenge. 

That implies that both the good and the bad, the awesome and the awkward, is in some form ‘standing out from the crowd’. 

Here is a quick epiphany: 

A good player is the one who keeps a girl thinking about him for the longest possible period of time, regardless of the thoughts are positive or negative. 

Keeping her thinking of you, whether it was “That nice guy I met” or ” That fucking asshole”, is exactly what you want. 

The trick comes in manipulating and reframing whatever she is thinking of you to something positive that serves your goal. 

This is a bit off-topic, I will write a future article on that exact subject. 

Moving on,

The hardest part of your journey to becoming a unique individual is, dealing with the bullshit thrown your way. 

Baby step your way until you reach a stable level of confidence and a rock hard frame, then you can fuck with reality a bit, then you can actually stand out from all the oblivious creatures around. 

Part 2 soon. 

Share the knowledge Gentlemen, 

John Deus



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Chris May 6, 2015 - 10:18 am

I really like your awareness of body language. Lots of people tell you to “just be confident”, which works as soon as you really are confident. However, can play with those elements on purpose, which is a lot of fun.

Davey June 6, 2015 - 4:00 pm

This is my first time reading an article on mysupremacy. I can’t speak for the effectiveness of these tricks as I have only just finished reading them but I’ll definitely try them out, since I don’t tend to worry about being the ‘strange’ one.

I think having my left hand in my pocket will feel awkward for me, I’m more of a right hand kind of guy but heck, I can try. I already take pauses when I’m speaking to people, however, I usually find that people rush to finish my sentences and this can be frustrating, perhaps it’s due to not maintaining strong enough eye contact, I don’t particularly pay attention to my eye contact as much as I should.

I don’t particularly like to point out mistakes people make in their writing, as I believe that the arguments a person makes is of more importance than their grammar but there are a lot of errors in the text here and I know a lot of people will not take you as seriously if you do not use standard English in your writing.

In any case I will look at a few more of these articles because god knows, nobody is ever completely done when it comes to self-improvement and I’m sure this site probably has some good tips for that.

John Deus October 1, 2015 - 8:52 pm

Thank you.

I am not a native English speaker, and I have a very busy lifestyle to really sit down and edit these articles.

So my apologies.
Hopefully an editor will join us soon.

Tim July 17, 2016 - 2:52 pm

When will we get part 2?

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