5 Cheap Yet Sexy Fragrances For Men!

by John Deus

5 Cheap Yet Sexy Fragrances For Men!

If you follow my Instagram, you know I’m not that into buying expensive stuff, probably the only two things I willingly spend more than an average sum of money on are Cars and Fragrances. 

I have written multiple articles on Fragrances that I like before – Here, here and here -, and the general bulk of comments I got were “But these are too expensive”, and thus came this list of 5 Cheap Yet Sexy Fragrances For Men!

I do agree with the “too expensive” complaints, a 300$ Tom Ford Tobacco Vanilla is definitely expensive. I am in no way showing off that I pay “extra” for these things, I assure you that most of the other things I usually buy fall below the average price of what you pay, but when it comes to Fragrances, I just enjoy a certain bunch of them and they happened to be that expensive. 

A final word of advice before diving in today’s article on the 5 Cheap Yet Sexy Fragrances For Men!, never let anyone convince you that you will get something extra out of buying expensive stuff, an expensive perfume smells nice, an expensive car cheaply vibes out that you have money, an expensive apartment might be big and comfortable but after all, anything is just what it is, a Fragrance is just a fragrance, a car is just a car, an apartment is just an apartment. 

***I know I did a horrible job explaining what I had in mind, but somehow I am all out of inspiration to rewrite it any better, forgive me.***

5 Cheap Yet Sexy Fragrances For Men!

I have come across a number of cheap or very affordable fragrances that smell just fantastic! 

These fragrances are either fragrance I tried personally, my family or friends have tried them or fragrances that were recommended to me many times before. 

So without any further ado, here are the 5 Cheap Yet Sexy Fragrances For Men!

1-Rochas Man by Rochas

Imagine a man coming home to his lover confronting him: “Don’t lie to Ricky. I can smell the Chocolate & Vanilla cake and floral tea all over you. You’ve been hanging out at the Coffeehouse with those pseudo-intellectuals, haven’t you?” 

Then he says, “Give me liberty or death!”.

So she kills him. Which is a shame, really, because Ricky was actually wearing Rochas Man. Like Ricky’s jealous lover, when I smell Rochas Man I too think of Coffeehouses serving Sweet & Spiced Hot Chocolate and Cake. And it’s pleasant having such an evocative fragrance of Rochas Man except until I tire of all that sweetness. So I tend to wear my Rochas Man in the cool evenings when I know I’ll be going home to shower and there is nobody to confront me for visiting a Coffeehouse.

As for the bottle, it’s a case of style over practically: the cone shape is cool, except that it leaks a little when you place it on its base. So as a word of advice, keep your original box so you can store your bottle upside-down.


Röchas Mán Còlogne For Men 1.7 oz Eau De Toilette Spray + a FREE (Bulgari) Cologne 1 oz Shower Gel CLICK HERE


2-Nautica Voyage By Nautica For Men

Nautica Voyage truly provokes a smell of fresh green leaves and apple which makes it a perfect scent for the summer. It will work well with clothes that are light colored and can be worn either casually or formally. It’s a rather simple fragrance but tends to get the job done.

Smelling this and looking at the price tag.. just unbelievable. 
really amazing quality and longevity very simple and I would buy it for 3x the price.


Nautica Voyage 146363 Toilette Spray for Men, Multi, 3.4 oz.


3-Silver Scent By Jacques Bogart 

Silver Scent By Jacques Bogart is an Oriental Woody fragrance for men. Top notes are orange blossom and lemon; middle notes are rosemary, nutmeg, coriander, lavender, geranium, and cardamom; base notes are litchi, tonka beans, teak wood, and vetiver. 

Silver Scent starts with citrus fruity notes and then the sweet appears with tonka bean and litchi. It has that same swede touch, like velvet, you find in One Million. Little creamy I´d say. Sillage monster, and on the skin it lasts the whole day or even more. A week on your clothes. Is it synthetic? Yes. But I think it´s a very good option for those who like Sweet Orientals with a monster projection/sillage and low budget. Recommended.


Silver Scent By Jacques Bogart For Men Edt Spray 3.33 Oz


4-David Beckham Homme Eau de Toilette

A quite pleasant experience. Far from what may be expected from a so called “celebrity” fragrance, Beckham Homme conducts itself with a quiet simplicity. The citrus works in seamless harmony with the ginger/pepper spice to create a fresh offering that holds a humble class. It smells designer, seems to contain decent quality and blend and even surpasses many in this category due to its lack of generic qualities that are too often relied upon. What it sets out to do it does very well and in a linear fashion. This is a safe blind buy at the price and unlikely to offend. Hardly a stand out fragrance but solid nonetheless.


David Beckham Homme Eau de Toilette Spray for Men, 2.5 Ounce


5-Diesel Fuel For Life by Diesel For Men


A fragrance for Adventurer and Bad Boys. Nothing romantic and nice, Diesel Fuel for Life smells like a hint of gasoline mixed with some sweetness and spice, it smells rebellious once the citric opening disappears. 
I find it unique and unlike any other department store perfume with it’s warm and fresh masculine attitude yet not become another over masculine musky sporty stench bomb. 
This is definitely not a good boy fragrance.
Fuel comes out of the bottle with floral, fruit, and woodsy notes with a powdery finish. It is quite pleasant and I received numerous favorable comments, i.e. the “Wow Factor”.. Sweet does give the fragrance glowing remarks, especially the longevity.

Fuel projects well after the initial application and then settles to a level that projects evenly and smoothly without being overwhelming to those with sensitive noses. 


Diesel Fuel For Life by Diesel For Men. Eau De Toilette Spray 1.7-Ounces


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John Deus

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Vasily June 2, 2018 - 8:17 am

Mr. Deuss , what are your thoughts on King of Seduction by Antonio Banderas. I personally love it and i am using it for a while now , but i am interested in your opinion 🙂

Diesel Cologne November 8, 2019 - 8:55 am

Diesel Fuel For Life is the best, it’s very cheap perfume and the quality of the perfume is good. Thanks for your article.


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