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Understand Abundance, Strive For Scarcity

Abundance Scarcity

Scarcity, the reason you thought you are in love, the reason you obsessed over that girl and developed a Oneitis mentality which screwed you over.

Scarcity, the reason you are anxious about opening that blog or that shop. 

Scarcity, the reason you think you are doomed and will never stand out or be special. 

Scarcity is fucking you over, Scarcity doesn’t exist, the world is big, there is more than enough for everybody…


Abundance, A wake-up call.

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Oneitis A.k.a That Special Girl, How To Cure it?

Oneitis/One itis: The definition, the reality, and the cure.Oneitis

Before talking about Oneitis, let’s talk about Emotions:  a subjective, conscious experience characterized primarily by psychophysiological expressions, biological reactions, and mental states.

Emotions: what drive us and what drive us astray.

Emotions: what fucks us up the most as men Humans.  

Having emotions isn’t the worst part, being enslaved by them surely is. 

You are a slave to your emotions, probably, you will always be. Only a selected few evade it to be free from emotional slavery, to be masters of your soul. – As appealing as that may sound, it is one of the worst things a man can do to himself, a later article on that.