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The Basis Of Making Money

Basis of making money

Basis of making money

There are thousands upon thousands of books just talking about how to make money, yet it is so hard to find a book that talks about the basis of making money. X number of rules, X number of steps, X number of secrets, etc. Funny how 99% of people who wrote those books actually got rich from writing those books.

I don’t know the secret to making money, no one does, because that secret simply doesn’t exist.  Hell, that secret CANNOT exist because there is not just one way to make money, there are hundreds and hundreds of ways to make money, each requires a different mentality and a different technique, hence the title of this article “basis of making money”.

Anyone telling you to follow these steps and you will get rich ***cough cough Tai Lopez cough cough*** or any of the like is a scam artist or at best just delusional.

What I want to do here is to just walk with you exploring and brainstorming the ways of making money, this will be a chain of articles, not just one, and I will be learning from it as much as you. I am literally exploring “Money Making” slowly and trying to simplify it for me and others to understand, debunking the myths and discovering new ideas along the way.

So let’s begin!

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5 Essential Books Every Man Should Read

5 essential books every man should read

A Man Who Doesn’t Read Has No Advantage Over A Man Who Cannot Read ~ Mark Twain

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5 essential books every man should read

Books are a must for men wanting to evolve and better themselves in this life, reading is the fastest and most efficient way of gaining insight into life, and a good book is the best medium to do so. We are going to give you the 5 essential books every man should read.

Never underestimate the experience of another human, his point of view and how he perceive the world.

Especially if he had a kick-ass life.

The most optimal way for us to grow in this life is to get a mentor, a role model we can interact and learn from directly, but sadly, this is hard to have these days as role models had disappeared from our life and Supreme Men are now a dying breed.


Basic Principle For Making Money

Basic Principle For Making Money

Making Money.

Making money seems to be a trending subject recently. well, not just recently, it is an all time favorite men around the world. 

But it is so vague and full of false promises, it is seemingly either insanely easy or insanely hard. 

What is the deal with that?