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5 Cheap Yet Sexy Fragrances For Men!

5 Cheap Yet Sexy Fragrances

5 Cheap Yet Sexy Fragrances For Men!

If you follow my Instagram, you know I’m not that into buying expensive stuff, probably the only two things I willingly spend more than an average sum of money on are Cars and Fragrances. 

I have written multiple articles on Fragrances that I like before – Here, here and here -, and the general bulk of comments I got were “But these are too expensive”, and thus came this list of 5 Cheap Yet Sexy Fragrances For Men!

I do agree with the “too expensive” complaints, a 300$ Tom Ford Tobacco Vanilla is definitely expensive. I am in no way showing off that I pay “extra” for these things, I assure you that most of the other things I usually buy fall below the average price of what you pay, but when it comes to Fragrances, I just enjoy a certain bunch of them and they happened to be that expensive. 

A final word of advice before diving in today’s article on the 5 Cheap Yet Sexy Fragrances For Men!, never let anyone convince you that you will get something extra out of buying expensive stuff, an expensive perfume smells nice, an expensive car cheaply vibes out that you have money, an expensive apartment might be big and comfortable but after all, anything is just what it is, a Fragrance is just a fragrance, a car is just a car, an apartment is just an apartment. 

***I know I did a horrible job explaining what I had in mind, but somehow I am all out of inspiration to rewrite it any better, forgive me.***

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5 Essential Books Every Man Should Read

5 essential books every man should read

A Man Who Doesn’t Read Has No Advantage Over A Man Who Cannot Read ~ Mark Twain

*This Page Contains Amazon Affiliate Links Refer HERE for the disclosure statement 

5 essential books every man should read

Books are a must for men wanting to evolve and better themselves in this life, reading is the fastest and most efficient way of gaining insight into life, and a good book is the best medium to do so. We are going to give you the 5 essential books every man should read.

Never underestimate the experience of another human, his point of view and how he perceive the world.

Especially if he had a kick-ass life.

The most optimal way for us to grow in this life is to get a mentor, a role model we can interact and learn from directly, but sadly, this is hard to have these days as role models had disappeared from our life and Supreme Men are now a dying breed.