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Seduction Movies: The 5 That Will Improve Your Game.

seduction movies

Seduction Movies: 5 Movies That Will Improve Your Game!

To start off, you guys know how much I oppose the idea of mimicking any character in a movie, mainly because.. well, it is a movie, and it is never ever like the real life!

But, sometimes a good movie might boost your confidence and suave. Mainly affecting your body language.

Think of the last time you watched a bond movie or any movie with a badass main character. How your awareness went down to your body and your speech pattern changed. How you got a slight “high” from feeling like a badass.

This temporary shot of badass self-awareness with a tiny bit of perspective on how seduction art should look like is almost all you can take out of movies.

But you shouldn’t try to mimic or copy a certain character exact body-language, line or speech pattern. It will feel creepy, awkward and fake. Unless you are a super newbie and have no clue on how anything works, do not exact copy anything from the fictional universe of movies.

These over the top smooth and funny pickups that you see in movies will rarely, RARELY ever happen.

Even if you got enough balls to copy what someone said or did in a movie, the thing is, pulling something so over the top will freak out the girl and she will not know how to react.

Bummer, I know.

Still, I sometimes pull this kind of funny lines or gestures knowing that the overall pickup will not work, but I do it for the self-amusement.

Anyway, here are my top 5 seduction art movies that I think are useful and entertaining to watch.

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Psychology Ep.01: Explaining You To Yourself


Psychology: A Simplified Intro

Honestly, I wasn’t planning on writing such an article!

But as I was reading your emails on [email protected] I noticed that people do enjoy articles with some psychological background to them, I even receive emails asking me to write more articles of similar nature.

After giving it some thought I realized that explaining such knowledge is supposed to be fundamental here on this blog.

From a generalized perspective on myself, I concluded that I am able to do what I do because of:

Interest and knowledge in psychology, interest and knowledge in biology, interest and knowledge in the human brain, a creepish interest in observing people, drawing conclusions on my own based on observation + knowledge and then working independently to prove or disprove these conclusions, hustling attitude and huge balls.

I am in no way special, unique or anything along these lines, but rather this mixture that caught my interest since a young age has some really cool side effects to it, like getting girls, making money and building a cool lifestyle.

Damn, if I was a bit more interested in the English language I would’ve been able to write better articles by now….


Why do this “Collection of interests” help me do these things?

Mainly because I know how to manipulate myself into doing what is necessary than doing what is wanted at the moment.

Any collection of interests you will be involved in will create and polish your personality and attitude, and your personality and attitude will eventually determine how your life will look like.

Increasing your knowledge of psychology will definitely reflect positively on your understanding of yourself as well as your understanding others.

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How To Be A Tinder Pimp

Tinder: How To Pimp It?!

Not just tinder, but any dating website or app.

This guide will explain how to get the most out of online dating, along with pointing out the advantages and disadvantages of following such tactics.

If you want a quick summary before going deep into this topic, here it is:


I have been experimenting with dating apps for a while now and I can confidently say that I have “Figured” them out.

I will start this article with three fundamental ideas you have to understand before you start using dating apps.

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Humor That Gets You Laid!

sense-of-humor-quotesThe Right Sense Of Humor That Will Get You Laid!

It’s on every list of what makes a man attractive.

A Sense Of Humor.

Ask any girl and she will say that it is one of the most important things a guy can do, make her laugh.

Yet, most guys who are seriously funny, do not really get any action. If we took, as a fact, that humor is sexy and defined humor as the ability to crack jokes and make people laugh, then Russell Peters and Gabriel Iglesias should be “mackin hoes” all the time.

But that is far from the truth.

I know that they get the sort of action they are looking for, but it is due to their fame and not their humorabilities.

If you investigate this matter by yourself, which is something you should do, you should be coming with your own theories by now!

.. You will find that the guys who are the funniest fall down EXCLUSIVELY in the friend zone, or even worse, the guy who thinks that humor is a plus and tries to use it to his advantage will swing between cringe-worthy and upright creepy.

Another realization you might have is that girls hook up and fall for ‘jerks -duh!’ and describe them as FUNNY, but to you, they are far from that. You might know a guy who gets laid like crazy yet he doesn’t really have any sense of humor!

Then how can Humor get you laid if all the masters of humor are friend-zoned?

And why girls describe some lame ass guys as funny when they aren’t?

Well, because they are talking about a different kind of humor.

And that’s what we will explore in todays quick article

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Your Emotions Decode: Know Thyself

Your Emotions Decode: EP1

“An emotion is a complex psychological state that involves three distinct components: a subjective experience, a physiological response, and a behavioral or expressive response.”
(Hockenbury & Hockenbury, 2007)

I, John Deus, am emotionally “Kaputt”.

I am what people would call “Emotionally Damaged”.

I realized that even before I realized that Santa Clause doesn’t really exist.

We aren’t here to talk about me, we are here to talk about your emotional well-being, what emotions really are and how to handle them.

I had to start this article explaining something about me, since I am the one writing this article, I am the one who came up with these concepts, and you aren’t me.

Every idea, every concept, every theory, every opinion is an outcome of one or many individual experiences, and they are as valid and relevant as the self that came up with them is relevant and valid to you.

What I’m about to explain here is a collection of realizations that were born out from very unique life experiences and events, so it won’t be very relevant to someone who had never experienced such things.

It might sound foreign, a bit crazy, and a bit off the wall.

Even if you can’t resonate with the upcoming ideas, even if they don’t make sense to you, they will still help you expand your view and understanding of the insanely sophisticated human mind.

Plus, it is quite entertaining.

So, enjoy…

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On Getting A Girlfriend, Getting Laid And Your Social Skills

social skillsSocial Skills:

I discovered a knowledge gap between what I am explaining here and where most of my readers are at in their social skills.

From the general bulk of emails I am receiving, I have recognized a great deal of you are lacking some basic understanding of interacting with people.

Which is completely fine, since you are seeking to change that.

My goal for is not to replace other similar blogs, but rather to add to them.

Keep reading various blogs so you would have a better understanding of the big picture. 

In today’s article, I will do some kind of “Brain-Dump” to some of the things you need to understand to build a foundation for supreme social skills.

I will just discuss the underlying basics of social interactions in no particular format. 

I just finished writing this article and realized I should’ve made it into a podcast topic rather than a written article. 

It is very poorly formatted, So excuse me for that and hope you find it helpful.

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How To Not Be Creepy?

How to not be creepy?

How To Not Be Creepy?

This is probably one of the most requested articles. 

I honestly did postpone it this far because… I did not really have a satisfying answer until now! 

What is creepy? 

And how can you make sure you are not coming off as creepy? 

How to not be creepy? 

To find the answer, I had to read multiple articles on how to not be creepy, then go out and do exactly what they said not to do in those article!

I did so… And I did not come off as creepy! 

Want to know why? 

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