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A Natural Testosterone Booster That Works.

Sexy Body, natural testosterone booster

Natural Testosterone Booster

Today I am going to talk about a natural Testosterone booster, which should be a very important topic for anyone wanting to stay natural in the bodybuilding game. I never took any anabolic steroids in my life yet I have no problem with anyone taking them. I decided not to take them due to numerous reasons, maybe I will write about it in the future.  

After working out hard for about 3-4 months, your body starts to grow slower and slower until it reaches a point where you barely notice any changes, even though you still bust your ass in the gym. 

During the first 3-4 months of working out, your muscles will grow in a very fast rate, this is referred to as “newbie gain” and it is due to the fact that you were a lazy ass before and your muscles are smaller than they should be – it is not exactly like that, but this is the easiest way to explain it. 

After you build a respectable amount of muscles, you will start gaining muscles slower and slower until you hit your first real “plateau”, and it is fucking frustrating. 

What can you do about that? 


When Was The Last Time You Fucked Up?

I Fucked Up

When Was The Last Time I Fucked Up?

Couple of months ago, I was chilling at a Semi-VIP club in Frankfurt called velvet. I spotted two hotties sitting on a couch chatting. I decided to go talk to them, I already had a girl with me so I wasn’t really interested, I was just bored and thought to myself: “why the fuck not?”

I Introduced myself and continued asking the girls for their names, they responded and added that they both have boyfriends and that their boyfriends are looking at me.

I turned around to find a bunch of guys staring at me from across the room, they seemed very hostile. I turned back to the girls and said ” if they come here, just tell them I am gay” and proceeded talking like nothing happened. – her facial expression, Priceless.

Long story short, I almost started a big fight that would have surely got us kicked out of the venue.

For me, that was one hilarious night. for the general, #I-Fucked-Up.


Loans Vs. Venture Capital


Loans vs. Venture Capital

If you want to start a business, a small company. Chances are, you don’t have enough money to make you business stand tall.

This might be one of your “Excuses” to why you are not working on your business idea. But this my friend is not an excuse.

We have multiple options when we want to get money for our business, we will focus in this article on Loans And VC as means to start your business.

So which strategy is better? should you seek a VC or take a loan?

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Ride The Wave.

ride the wave

 Ride The Wave

I was 4 years old, sitting on a chair next to my father.

He was expressing in prose his glories and the never reoccurring stories of the past. I remember being quite like usual, closely scrutinizing this magical wave of social interaction, this observable energy altering between hearers of the talk.

This energy coming to life in the form of ups and downs, shocks and awes, the looks, the eyes, the body movements, the changing voice pitch.

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