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5 Easy Tricks To Stand Out From The Crowd

*This article is not yet edited, please excuse any mistakes.

Everyone is looking for a way to be unique, to be special, to be different.

Some even think they were born as a special unique snowflake! We will leave discussing that for another post.

In this article, we will discuss why everyone need to have a sense of uniqueness, how standing out from the crowd is not as ‘Cool’ as you thought it is, and finally I will list some very simple and basic tricks to help you experience how to really stand out from your surrounding and leave a lasting impression on people.



Minimum Wage & The Sad Reality Of Life

minimum wage

*The article is not yet edited, please excuse any mistakes 

Minimum wage and the sad reality of life.

Todays article will focus on the reality and fairness of the current situation of minimum wage workers worldwide. I will discuss my view point on the minimum wage workers issue from my own perspective. Some brutal truths are coming your way, if you are not ready for that, then do not continue reading. 

Everybody bitch about how minimum wage workers make so little compared to CEO’s.

Everybody agrees on how insane it is to give athletes/musicians millions and ignore firefighters, doctors and garbage men.


Out of all the insanity, bat shit craziness and emasculation our generation is going through, that is one of the most sane things left in this world.


A Rant On: Insecurities

*This article is not yet edited, please excuse any mistakes. 

Everyone is insecure about something.

That statement alone should be enough for you to get rid off all your insecurities, but it probably won’t.

Insecurities are doing much more damage to you than you think, it is stifling you, it is crippling the awesome dude within and seriously fucking with your self-esteem.

Getting rid of all your insecurities is equivalent to being insanely confident, confidence goes hand in hand with the absence of insecurities.

So, dedicating some time to fix your insecurities or talk yourself out of them is important for your growth as a Supreme Man.

Let us begin,

Hot to Get Rid Of All Your Insecurities?


5 Essential Books Every Man Should Read

5 essential books every man should read

A Man Who Doesn’t Read Has No Advantage Over A Man Who Cannot Read ~ Mark Twain

*This Page Contains Amazon Affiliate Links Refer HERE for the disclosure statement 

5 essential books every man should read

Books are a must for men wanting to evolve and better themselves in this life, reading is the fastest and most efficient way of gaining insight into life, and a good book is the best medium to do so. We are going to give you the 5 essential books every man should read.

Never underestimate the experience of another human, his point of view and how he perceive the world.

Especially if he had a kick-ass life.

The most optimal way for us to grow in this life is to get a mentor, a role model we can interact and learn from directly, but sadly, this is hard to have these days as role models had disappeared from our life and Supreme Men are now a dying breed.


How To Get Your Dream Girl?

how to get your dream girlHow to get your dream girl?

Yes, I did use a “Clickbait” title. 

No, This article won’t be like the 100 general BS articles you have read with such a title. 

I hope I can get my message across, I hope I can get people to understand that all articles promising you to get a girlfriend in “10 simple easy steps” are complete BS. I hope people would understand that “Tricks to shortcut her brain and make her fall deeply in love with you” are also complete BS.


How To Get Your Dream Girl?