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Psychology Ep.01: Explaining You To Yourself


Psychology: A Simplified Intro

Honestly, I wasn’t planning on writing such an article!

But as I was reading your emails on [email protected] I noticed that people do enjoy articles with some psychological background to them, I even receive emails asking me to write more articles of similar nature.

After giving it some thought I realized that explaining such knowledge is supposed to be fundamental here on this blog.

From a generalized perspective on myself, I concluded that I am able to do what I do because of:

Interest and knowledge in psychology, interest and knowledge in biology, interest and knowledge in the human brain, a creepish interest in observing people, drawing conclusions on my own based on observation + knowledge and then working independently to prove or disprove these conclusions, hustling attitude and huge balls.

I am in no way special, unique or anything along these lines, but rather this mixture that caught my interest since a young age has some really cool side effects to it, like getting girls, making money and building a cool lifestyle.

Damn, if I was a bit more interested in the English language I would’ve been able to write better articles by now….


Why do this “Collection of interests” help me do these things?

Mainly because I know how to manipulate myself into doing what is necessary than doing what is wanted at the moment.

Any collection of interests you will be involved in will create and polish your personality and attitude, and your personality and attitude will eventually determine how your life will look like.

Increasing your knowledge of psychology will definitely reflect positively on your understanding of yourself as well as your understanding others.


Your Emotions Decode: Know Thyself

Your Emotions Decode: EP1

“An emotion is a complex psychological state that involves three distinct components: a subjective experience, a physiological response, and a behavioral or expressive response.”
(Hockenbury & Hockenbury, 2007)

I, John Deus, am emotionally “Kaputt”.

I am what people would call “Emotionally Damaged”.

I realized that even before I realized that Santa Clause doesn’t really exist.

We aren’t here to talk about me, we are here to talk about your emotional well-being, what emotions really are and how to handle them.

I had to start this article explaining something about me, since I am the one writing this article, I am the one who came up with these concepts, and you aren’t me.

Every idea, every concept, every theory, every opinion is an outcome of one or many individual experiences, and they are as valid and relevant as the self that came up with them is relevant and valid to you.

What I’m about to explain here is a collection of realizations that were born out from very unique life experiences and events, so it won’t be very relevant to someone who had never experienced such things.

It might sound foreign, a bit crazy, and a bit off the wall.

Even if you can’t resonate with the upcoming ideas, even if they don’t make sense to you, they will still help you expand your view and understanding of the insanely sophisticated human mind.

Plus, it is quite entertaining.

So, enjoy…


Confidence Part.04: Mental Frame

Confidence and mental frame

Mental Frame.

We have already explained most of the knowledge needed to be confident, we have taught you what is the mentality of a confident person, we have illustrated how you can adapt your situation to be confident of what you have, and we have shown you how to convey confidence to the world through your body language.

We can’t explain everything for every situation, that is impossible. We can’t tell you everything that might go wrong and how you can handle it.

We can give you some examples of some rare situations, but to cover it completely is impractical.

Since no one can explain every single situation and how to handle it, you need something to refer to. 

You Need To Develop The Correct Mental Frame.

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Understand Abundance, Strive For Scarcity

Abundance Scarcity

Scarcity, the reason you thought you are in love, the reason you obsessed over that girl and developed a Oneitis mentality which screwed you over.

Scarcity, the reason you are anxious about opening that blog or that shop. 

Scarcity, the reason you think you are doomed and will never stand out or be special. 

Scarcity is fucking you over, Scarcity doesn’t exist, the world is big, there is more than enough for everybody…


Abundance, A wake-up call.

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Confidence Part.03: Confident Body Language

confident body language

Confident Body Language.

Earlier episodes:
Confidence 101(CLICK HERE)
Confidence 102(CLICK HERE)

After explaining “Pre-confidence” mentality switches and creating assumptions in part one and two of this series. we will move to Confidence base.

Confidence base has three faces: Mental Frame, Alpha Actions and Body language.

In today’s article, we will be covering confident body language skills, to properly convey and amplify your confidence level.

In this article, I will teach you how to improve your eye contact, your facial expressions, your presence, and your voice.


Destroy What Destroys You.

Destroy What Destroys You

*Please excuse the bad editing

Stop, Stop asking if there is hope.

Stop giving excuses.

Stop saying it is because of this or that.

It is because of you, and you only.

It is because you are lazy.

It is because you are afraid.


The Right Mindset: A Mentality Switch To Improve Your Life


How Couldn’t he understand?” “It is so obvious!” “He is just stupid, it is common sense!” “He is so deluded!“.

A crack of laughter broke your words as you told a friend how it was obvious!

Bit of restlessness tingled your brain as the confusion arises, how couldn’t he see it? it is so obvious, how couldn’t he believe that? … he must be either ignorant or just stupid.

what really cracks me up is, how couldn’t you understand? 

*The “it” refers to any topic of discussion, from religion to your favorite color.

It all comes down to one single mentality shift, a shift your brain will fight to the last electron surfing the neurons of your brain, crafting the illusion of YOU.

Read this Carefully