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Get a promotion: How To Advance Quickly in Your Career!

How To Get A Quick Promotion At Work?Get a promotion, work, meeting, business, out of focus, meeting room

Everyone is looking to get a promotion at work as fast as possible, the benefits of climbing the company’s ladder fast are just so seductive, so promising.

The more you climb up, the more money you make, the more prestigious titles you get, and your overall life gets much better.

That ultimate goal, so elusive yet so confusing.

I was raised to believe that the top tier positions of any company are predetermined to certain people due to their race, religion, political view, height, attractiveness, etc.

Fucking Illuminati man, you know what I mean! △△△

I am here to assure you that the CEO of the company you are working for along with all the managerial board are where they are not because of the above-mentioned reasons, they are where they are because they have what is needed to fulfill their role, and in this article I will tell you exactly what it is, and how to get it.

I am going to reveal the secret to getting a promotion really fucking fast!

Here is the full guide to kicking ass without kissing ass.

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Minimum Wage & The Sad Reality Of Life

minimum wage

*The article is not yet edited, please excuse any mistakes 

Minimum wage and the sad reality of life.

Todays article will focus on the reality and fairness of the current situation of minimum wage workers worldwide. I will discuss my view point on the minimum wage workers issue from my own perspective. Some brutal truths are coming your way, if you are not ready for that, then do not continue reading. 

Everybody bitch about how minimum wage workers make so little compared to CEO’s.

Everybody agrees on how insane it is to give athletes/musicians millions and ignore firefighters, doctors and garbage men.


Out of all the insanity, bat shit craziness and emasculation our generation is going through, that is one of the most sane things left in this world.


Loans Vs. Venture Capital


Loans vs. Venture Capital

If you want to start a business, a small company. Chances are, you don’t have enough money to make you business stand tall.

This might be one of your “Excuses” to why you are not working on your business idea. But this my friend is not an excuse.

We have multiple options when we want to get money for our business, we will focus in this article on Loans And VC as means to start your business.

So which strategy is better? should you seek a VC or take a loan?

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Entrepreneurship, is it for YOU ?

Entrepreneur, entrepreneurship, guy in a suite

A former investment banker declared he want to become the world’s biggest online retailer. Jeff Bezos
A university dropout went against all odds to sell something that was never meant to be for the general public. Steve Jobs
A university dropout designed a silly website for comparing chicks. Saw a potential, ended up introducing today’s biggest communication network. Mark Zuckerberg 
Extraordinary?  Magicians? Lucky? Rare? Superheroes? 

No, They are exactly like you.

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