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7 Ways to beat body odor – Guest Post

How To Beat Body Odor?

7 Ways to beat body odor

What is the biggest sign that summer is here? Body odor.

It’s there in the office, it’s there on the bus. It’s there when you want to cuddle with your sweetheart. Ugh.

So, we will dedicate this article to talking about 7 Ways to beat body odor!

From the most happening celebrity to the next-door neighbor, there is one thing common to every person on this planet: perspiration. Some men sweat more than others, while some sweat round the year, irrespective of the season. There are many others who smell so bad that they spend hours every day trying to prevent body odor, but still, end up bothering the roommate with the stink.

The funny thing is that sweat itself is odorless. Yes, you read that right. Body odor is caused because sweat trapped on your skin is a breeding ground for bacteria, which turn sweat into acids with a stinky smell. The more you let sweat linger on, the worse you smell and more susceptible you are to bacterial infections.

No, it isn’t the wrath of God upon you. No, you cannot stop sweating. But what you can do is eliminate the stink-causing bacteria that disturb your daily life.

Here are seven ways to beat body odor so that you can keep smelling like a masculine rose all year round.

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After Sex Etiquette: Room Essentials

room essentials, playboy

Room Essentials

This is Episode 2 of the “After sex Etiquette” Series.

In the last Episode of this series, we talked about the kinds of behaviors that you should express in order to better communicate what you want out of your interactions.  

We also talked about how to get out of awkward and embarrassing situations, and how to progress through the night and lead thing your way to serve the type of relationship you are looking for with that particular girl. 

If you haven’t read that article yet, go give it a couple of minutes and come back.

In today’s episode, we will focus on the materialistic things you should and shouldn’t have in your room, the things that will make you seem more sexually appealing. How to arrange your place in a way that will make the girl feel more cozy and comfortable, and guarantee a steaming sex. 

*If you are too lazy to read the whole thing, skip to the end of the article for the tl;dr*

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If you wait for the perfect moment to do something, you will never do it!


So my first YouTube video is out!

Even though it was rushed and not very well done, it was necessary! 

At times you will realize that postponing something you know you have to do has become your guilty pleasure, and when that happens you will have to push it because at that point its either now or never! 

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Just do what needs to be done.

Oh boy, I haven’t written anything on here since ages, probably this is my longest non-posting period since the start of

Why is that?

It is because I am doing what needs to be done. You see, this blog and all my activities under John Deus are not meant to generate considerable income. While I, like every sane human being, leave the door open to the possibility of monetizing this in case my other ventures failed, I am not focusing all that too well on it now.

Now, I am doing this to help you guys, to share what I have learned through the years, learn from your experience and provoke a beneficial thinking and self-improving session to everyone interested.

As much as I do enjoy this when something of more importance come my way, then I will do needs to be done regardless of which is more enjoyable or easy.

And this is the message I want you to understand today.


Establishing Genuine Character as a Man – Guest Post

The Importance of Establishing Genuine Character as a Man

We live in a world that is defined by character, and when it comes to the people who we feel deserve our respect and attention, we generally choose to give up our time and efforts on those that we feel have the most authentic character traits.

As social beings, we are acutely aware of who has a sound sense of who they are, and who is just trying too hard; with a tendency to attribute unfavorable traits with the latter. This is a possibly unfair approach to determining the worth of people since we live in a complex society with so many conflicting norms and beliefs, that embarking on the path to being an authentic person can be a truly harrowing affair.

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Sponsored Post – Quick Guide to Dating a Polyamorous Woman: 15 Things to Consider

Please note that this is a sponsored post, and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the founder – John Deus-. 

While this post, a long with every post with the tag “Guest Post” or “Sponsored post” was not written by John Deus

Please go to this page if you are looking for articles written by John Deus

Your Quick Guide to Dating a Polyamorous Woman: 15 Things to Consider

According to numerous social stereotypes, humans can hardly be described as monogamous beings. There definitely are individuals who spend their entire life with one and only person but the overwhelming majority of us sees meetings and breakups as a normal part of existence.

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Guest Post – 8 Reasons Why Turmeric Benefits Male Health

Although there is not a lot of discussions on male health concerns, this article will attempt to shed some light on it. They include a broad range of health issues that affect young and old men. These concerns are not just limited to the male reproductive system, but the overall health of men and how it affects them physically and mentally.


Today, we will go over some various health concerns regarding the common health issues affecting men and talk about how including turmeric in their diet can benefit each health concern. As you may know, turmeric is blessed with numerous antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. These characteristics are responsible for its therapeutic effects on many diseases.